San Juan Bautista Flag Raising Ceremony

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The annual San Juan Bautista flag raising ceremony was held on Monday, June 5th, which marks the beginning of a month of celebrations of Puerto Rican and Latino culture in the city leading up to the San Juan Bautista Parade at the end of June. The parade and ceremony are time honored traditions in the city and are now in their 66th year.

The tradition, which started in 1957, brings thousands of people from the Delaware Valley into Camden City for the annual parade. The flag raising will mark the first day of celebrations culminating on June 25, with the San Juan Bautista Parade through Camden City.
“Latino culture and community are staples throughout our county,” Commissioner Director Louis Cappelli Jr. said. “We have so many residents and neighbors from the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico and Latin America who call Camden County their home and our community would be incomplete without them. We look forward to these celebrations each year and we invite all residents to attend the annual flag raising on Monday.”