Safe Use of Cleaning Products

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The statement below is by Freeholder Director Louis Cappelli Jr. in regard to the safe use of cleaning products.

“Let me be clear – it is not safe to drink, eat, or ingest cleaning products, detergents, or bleach. It is not safe to inject these chemicals into your body. These products are intended to kill bacteria that lives on hard surfaces, not on or inside of your body. You will get sick and risk serious injury if you do not adhere to the use guidelines printed on product labels.

Yesterday’s suggestion by President Trump that this could somehow be done to combat coronavirus was inappropriate, incorrect, and dangerous. Americans listen to the President and should be able to trust his or her words, especially in times of crisis. Unfortunately, President Trump has repeatedly undermined his office and required health officials to contradict his dangerous musings, causing confusion, sowing distrust, and threatening the health and safety of those who choose to be guinea pigs for his latest unfounded theory.

Please, do not ingest household chemicals and do not take anything to prevent or treat coronavirus which has not be explicitly prescribed or recommended by your physician or other medical providers. If you are serious about preventing yourself and others from contracting coronavirus, stay home, avoid crowds, and follow the state’s social distancing guidelines.”