Retirement of Msgr. Michael J. Doyle

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The statement below is by Freeholder Jeff Nash on behalf of the Freeholder Board regarding the retirement of Msgr. Michael J. Doyle.

“In troubled times such as these, we look to those who offer hope, faith, and healing to carry our minds and souls away from the darkness that so easily consumes us. For nearly 50 years, Msgr. Michael Doyle has borne that responsibility for the people of Camden; a truly selfless champion of the City who has never wavered in his support for every man, woman, and child that came through his doors. Through crisis and tragedy, joy and celebration, Msgr. Doyle has changed countless lives and touched the hearts of thousands.

An immigrant from Ireland, Msgr. Doyle came to Camden in 1974. In the decades since, while the City changed around him, undergoing incredible transformation, metamorphosis, and renaissance, Msgr. Doyle’s love and compassion has remained an uncompromising constant. Whether ensuring the continued education of the city’s youth at Sacred Heart School, the possibility of home ownership for low-income families, or the availability of food each week for those who were struggling to makes ends meet, Msgr. Doyle has relentlessly strived to better the lives of everyone who calls Walt Whitman’s “City Invincible,” home.

With the unexpected news of Msgr. Doyle’s imminent retirement, we wish him a lifetime of happiness and serenity as he passes down his leadership role at the parish for the first time. We have no doubt that this is not the end of his service to Camden or the people of this City, and yet we already owe him a debt of gratitude that could never be repaid. On behalf of the Freeholder Board, and undoubtedly the entirety of the Camden County community, we thank one of Camden’s greatest public servants as he prepares for the next chapter of his storied life in the City.”