Rain and Storms Expected Overnight

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The statement below is by Freeholder Jonathan Young in regard tonight’s forecasted storms.

“Our current forecast predicts heavy rain and showers overnight, with wind gusts that could reach 35 to 45 mph in the early hours, and as high as 50 to 60 mph in the mid- to late-morning. A powerful storm and winds such as this are likely to leave behind downed trees and power lines. Tomorrow afternoon, these gusty showers are likely to turn into a line of strong to severe thunderstorms, during which we could continue to see wind gusts over 60 mph as well as hail and even possibly an isolated tornado.

While social distancing means that most of us should be safe at home during this powerful storm, the likelihood of power outages and downed trees could be probable. If you lose power during tonight’s rain or tomorrow’s storm, please call your utility provider immediately, and stay safe. Also, know the county Office of Emergency Management will be working with our utility providers, municipal officials and the county Department of Public Works to address any fallout from the extreme weather system moving in tonight.

In case of a power outage please report it directly to the appropriate utility provider.”