Queen N. Stewart

Queen N. Stewart, Voorhees
2023 Camden County MLK Freedom Medal Nominee

Few people understand the urgency of now like Queen Stewart does. On the day before her 36th birthday, the Voorhees resident – a mother of two girls and owner of a successful law practice – was diagnosed with breast cancer. This shocking news led her to the purpose that has driven her for the last year: encouraging everyone she knows, and even those she hasn’t met yet to identify and pursue their dreams today. Queen has educated and inspired others by sharing her cancer journey via social media as well as speaking engagements. 

Creative pursuits Queen would never have attempted prior to her cancer diagnosis – writing and performing stand-up comedy and recording her first studio single – became essential activities during treatment. Queen embodies the truth that no one should wait until tragedy strikes to find their greatest joys in life. Carpe diem!

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