Preservation of the Garden State Gatehouse

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The statement below is by Commissioner Nash regarding his support for the preservation of the Garden State Gatehouse on Route 70.
Recently, a group of Cherry Hill residents and Mayor David Fleisher have launched a campaign to save the Garden State Gatehouse on Route 70 from being sold to developers for commercial use. The Gatehouse is all that remains of the former iconic racetrack that was opened in 1942.  Garden State Park was a beacon of entertainment and community engagement throughout the 1950s and 1960s and the Gatehouse has stood the test of time. 
As liaison to the Open Space Preservation Trust Fund Advisory Board, it is my duty to ensure that we are preserving all of Camden County’s historic locations from Camden City to Winslow Township. The Gatehouse is a relic of Cherry Hill’s past, and it would be a travesty to let this piece of history be sold to a developer to create another shopping mall or residential area. I support Mayor Fleisher and all the Cherry Hill residents fighting for the preservation of the Gatehouse and the Board of Commissioners insist that this site be preserved so that generations to come can learn about Cherry Hill’s history at Garden State Park.