NJDOT Awards County $10 million for Camden City Roadway Improvements

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(Lindenwold, NJ) – Thanks to an award of $10 million from the New Jersey Department of Transportation, the Freeholder Board is preparing improvements to Market and Federal Streets, two major roadways in Camden City. The project will enable both roadways to better accommodate increased use and traffic that has resulted from the area’s recent economic expansion.

“Market and Federal Streets connect several of Camden City’s key anchor institutions and the areas where the city is seeing significant growth and development. All of that growth can put new stress on existing infrastructure if you’re too slow to adapt,” said Freeholder Susan Shin Angulo, liaison to the Camden County Public Works Department. “These projects are going to upgrade that infrastructure and greatly increase the ease of mobility throughout the city. This will make traveling into the city and between those institutions much, much easier.”

The Federal and Market Street Feeder Road Improvements project will focus specifically on several key stretches of the two roads. Improvements are currently being planned for stretches of both Market and Federal Street between Haddon Avenue and Delaware Avenue. Improvements will also be made to the interchange at Flanders Avenue and Federal Street. 

“The interchange is a critical area to maintain because it serves as an access point to anchor institutions like the Campbell’s Soup Company Headquarters and Subaru’s brand new North American headquarters,” Shin Angulo said. “By reconfiguring the existing infrastructure at the interchange, we’ll be able to ease the flow of traffic while also improving motorist safety.”

Part of the proposal for both roadways is to redesign them for two-way traffic, instead of one-way traffic as they currently exist. Other plans include updating traffic signals and roadside signs to improve reliability and to update outdated technology. The proposals for these improvements are still pending, and final determinations have not yet been made as to how the roadway will be impacted specifically. A bid process for the design of the project is expected to be announced in 2019.

“The City of Camden is growing thanks to a ton of investment from both outside and inside of the community over the last several years,” Shin Angulo said. “All of the development we’re seeing means that we have more people than ever that are trying to get into and around the city on a daily basis. This project is going to allow us to make sure Camden is ready for them and that we’re not limiting what we can handle here in the future.”