National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week

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(Gloucester Township, NJ) – Today marks the beginning of National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week, a week aimed at educating and informing teenagers about the myths of drug and alcohol use, as well as the impact and risk of substance abuse. 

According to research from the Centers for Disease Control, two-thirds of U.S. students have tried alcohol at least once by the time they reach the 12th grade.

“While many of us would prefer to believe that these problems only exist elsewhere, the truth is that misuse of drugs and alcohol and underage consumption exists in every community,” said Camden County Commissioner Carmen Rodriguez. “The good news is that treatment for substance abuse is more available than it has been at any other point in history, and Camden County is extremely well resourced. More insurance companies and Medicaid now cover the cost of treatment, and the county is home to organizations whose sole focus is recovery.”

Unlike in years past, our society has made significant strides towards reducing and eliminating the stigma for those seeking and coming out of treatment. Every professional discipline in the county now recognizes the need for treatment over and above punishment. Law enforcement, public service, Health Department, education, and judicial officials are all working alongside parents and families to assist in making treatment and recovery the primary goal.

The Camden County Addiction Awareness Task Force has been committed to making a difference since its inception in 2014.  The Task Force was created to promote addiction awareness and education in the county, and frequently sponsors programs and initiatives to help steer residents to recovery.

Knowledge is the best tool we have against the threats posed by substance misuse. The Camden County Addiction Awareness Task Force, Department of Health and Human Services, Camden County Jail and Office of Mental Health and Addiction, are continuing to work collaboratively and with external partners to combat the opioid crisis and fight addiction.

For more information about these or any other mental health or substance abuse program please contact the Office of Mental Health & Addiction at (856) 374-6320 or visit