Mosquito Spraying Throughout Camden County on Thursday

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Early Thursday morning, the Mosquito Control Commission will be in the community spraying and surveilling areas throughout Camden County.

Commissioner Jeff Nash, liaison to the Camden County Mosquito Commission, talked about being cognizant of standing water.

“It’s important for homeowners to check their yard and get rid any standing water to prevent mosquitos from spreading,” Nash said. “Be sure to check flowerpots and other plastic containers for standing water. Being proactive have major impact on the mosquito population and help the hardworking people at the Camden County Mosquito Control Commission in their efforts.”

Camden County Mosquito Commission will be conducting ULV “spraying” operations on Thursday, June 13, between the hours of 2 AM and 6 AM in the following locations, weather permitting:

Coles Mill Rd.
Pardee Ln.
Grove St.

Gloucester City
Hudson St.
Bergen St.
Monmouth St.
Somerset St.
S. Brown St.
S. Johnson Blvd.
N. Johnson Blvd.
Oriental Ave.
Holly Ave.
Thompson Ave.
Walnut Ave.

Horton Ave.
S. Hannevig Ave.
Maude Ave.
Noreg Pl.
Christiana St.

Harding Ave.
Ridgeway Ave.
Kendall Blvd.
Washington Ave.
Goff Ave.

Garfield Ave.
Hayes Ave.
Arthur Ave.
Cleveland Ave.
N. 28th St.
N. 27th St.
N. 26th St.
N. 25th St.
River Ave.

Rogers Ave.
Githens Ave.
Cedar Ave.
Finlaw Ave.
Irving Ave.
Cooper Ave.

Park Ave.
W. Browning Rd.
Collings Ave.

Audrey Ct.
Downing Ln.
Jacobs Ln.
Promenade Pl.
Carlton Ln.
Regan Ln.
Regan Ct.
Whyte Ct.
Bunning Dr. Ln.
Whyte Dr.
Johnson Ln.
Lynch Rd.
Lynch Ct.
Covington Ln.
Stead Ct.
American Way
Park Dr.
Sycamore Ave.
Homer Ave.
Alpha Ave.
Lotus Ave.
Ebert Ave.
W. End Ave.
Fairview Ave.
Preston Ave.
Sir Lawrence Ct.
Prospect Ave.
Country Ln.

Cherry Hill
Wexford Dr.
Wexford Ct.
Buxton Rd.
Ashford Rd.
Dunbarton Rd.
Lavenham Rd.
Lavenham Ct.
Tendring Rd.
Rooftree Rd.
Highgate Ln.
Market St.
Pembroke Ct.
Highgate Ct.
Cricket Ln.
Windgate Rd.
Old Orchard Rd.
Regency Ct.
Maple Ave.
Hedy Ave.
Aaron Ct.
Snyder Ave.
Poplar Terr.
Poplar Ct.
Cooper Landing Rd.
Embassy Dr.
Laurel Terr.
Isaac Ln.
Isaac Ct.
Maple Terr.
Saratoga Dr.
Acqueduct Ln.
Garden State Dr.
Narragansett Dr.
Pimlico Pl.
Tanforan Dr.
Chapel Ave. W.
Hart Rd.
Wade Dr.
Clark Dr.
Logan Dr.
Holden Rd.
Frontage Rd.
Carlton Rd.
Gardner Rd.
Greenvale Rd.
Greenvale Ct.