Mosquito Spraying Throughout Camden County on Friday

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Early Friday morning, the Mosquito Control Commission will be in the community spraying and surveilling areas throughout Camden County.

Commissioner Jeff Nash, liaison to the Camden County Mosquito Commission, talked about being cognizant of standing water.

“It’s important for homeowners to check their yard and get rid any standing water to prevent mosquitos from spreading,” Nash said. “Be sure to check flowerpots and other plastic containers for standing water. Being proactive have major impact on the mosquito population and help the hardworking people at the Camden County Mosquito Control Commission in their efforts.”


Camden County Mosquito Commission will be conducting ULV “spraying” operations on Friday, June 7, between the hours of 2 AM and 6 AM in the following locations, weather permitting:


Gloucester Twp.

Santalina Dr.

Arrowwood Dr.

Mayflower Dr.

Erik Ct.

Johnson Rd.

Arabis Dr.

Cinnamon Ct.

Asperula Dr.

Clover Ct.

Stonecrop Ct.

Honeysuckle Ave.

Coralberry Ct.

Brown Ave.

1st Ave.

2nd Ave.

3rd Ave.

Garden Ave.

E. Batten Ave.

E. Brewers Ave.

E. Landing Rd.

W. Atlantic Ave.

Walnut Ave.

Oak Black Horse Pike

Richmond Ave.

Empire Ave.

Keystone Ave.

Ridge Ave.

Hillcrest Ln.

Girard Ave.

Sterling St.

Belleview Ave.

Cambridge Ave.

Delaware Ave.

Essex Ave.

Fairmount Ave.

Morgan St.

Highland Ave.

Jerome Ave.

Kohomo Ave.

Lincoln Ave.

Park St.

Williamstown Erial Rd.

Black Horse Pike

E. Church St.

East Ct.

North Dr.

Theresa Pl.

Avaleen Pl.

N. Pennsylvania Ave.

South Dr.

West Ct.

N. Hildebrand Ave.

Austin Ave.

Station Ave.

Huntington Ave.

Ridge Ave.

Fern Ave.

Woodland Ave.

Price Ave.

Main St.

Lake Ave.

E. Front St.



Tavern Ln.

Kelly Dr.

Old Bridge Rd.

Wiltons Corner Blvd.

Cooks Alley

Midfield St.

Endfield St.

Meetinghouse Circle

Tailor Ln.

Candlestick Ln.

Duchess Dr.

Senators Way


Truman Rd.


Dover Ln.

Decatur Ln.

Drexel Gate Dr.

Drexel Ct.

Williamstown New Freedom Rd.

Harmony Cir.

Quilting Ln.

New Hope Ln.

Quiet Rd.

Blackboard Ln.

Friendship Ct.

Scattergood Ct.

Quiet Crescent

Peaceful Ct.

Fellowship Ct.

Lakedale Rd.

New Brooklyn Rd.

N. Grove St.

Hopewell Rd.

Joyce Way

Hilltop Rd.

Jackson Rd.

Central Ave.

Willis Ave.



Kirkwood Rd.

Kingsbridge Rd.

Farwood Rd.

Washington Rd.

Winding Way

Hawthorne Rd.

Kingsbridge Rd.

Windsor Rd.

Cedarcroft Rd.

Clearbrook Dr.

Wedgewood Pl.