Investigators Remain on Watch for Price Gouging in Camden County

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(Gloucester Township, NJ) – To date, the Division of Weights and Measures has not discovered any instances of price gouging on critical resources during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Still, the Division is continuing to encourage residents who believe they have observed or been victimized by price gouging to report that activity to the Division’s inspectors.

“After the governor’s emergency declaration last month, the Department of Health and Human Services immediately increased spot checks for price gouging. We are glad to report at this time that no cases of price gouging in Camden County have been discovered to date,” said Freeholder Carmen Rodriguez, liaison to the Department of Health and Human Services. “We want to say thank you to all retail business owners in our community for recognizing the importance of access to critical resources during this unprecedented crisis. Still, we remain ready to investigate reports of price gouging violations wherever they may exist.”

The Division of Weights and Measures routinely performs spot checks to ensure that the price paid at the register matches what is shown on shelves and tags. Inspectors also inspect scales, meters, scanning equipment, and package products using highly accurate equipment to ensure that consumers receive exactly what they’re paying for. These checks occur at a wide range of businesses including supermarkets, gasoline stations, packing plants, and lumber yards.

If you have a problem with a weights and measures issue, or wish to report suspected price gouging in your community, please contact the Camden County Department of Health & Human Services, Division of Weights & Measures at (856) 374-6001.