Homeward Bound Shelters Dogs Displaced by Hurricane Dorian

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(Gloucester Township, NJ) – Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center is teaming up with Best Friends Animal Society and Brandywine Valley SPCA to shelter and rehome pets displaced by Hurricane Dorian. 

About 350 pets from coastal evacuation areas of the Carolinas have already arrived in Delaware with more enroute.  Homeward Bound has volunteered to take on five dogs from North and South Carolina who will be arriving at our shelter late Friday afternoon. After a thorough medical assessment, these dogs will be made available for adoption. 

“Storms like Hurricane Dorian can have a catastrophic effect on pets and animals, causing a crisis for overcrowded shelters, and makes it impossible for local shelters to handle the load alone,” said Freeholder Jonathan Young, liaison to Homeward Bound. “We’re fortunate to have the resources to open our arms to some of these animals and to offer them the medical assistance they need before we can find them a new forever home with a loving family in our region.”

This is not the first time the Center has stepped up during a natural disaster to help displaced pets from around the country. In 2017, the Camden County Animal Shelter, accepted five dogs from both Florida and Texas after Hurricanes Irma and Harvey put additional pressure on already overcrowded shelters.

All of the dogs welcomed to the shelter this week were already up for adoption in their home state but had to be moved to make room for pets and animals rescued in the wake of the destructive storm. Once safe in the shelter, they’ll be ready to find new forever homes here in New Jersey.

To help with this coastline crisis and the care of the animals it has displaced, donations are being accepted online at HomewardBoundNJ.org, in person at the shelter, and over the phone by calling 856-401-1300.

Formerly Camden County Animal Shelter, Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center is the largest open admission shelter in the region, serving more than 5,000 abused, homeless and neglected animals annually. It offers low cost vaccinations for owned pets, spay/neuter surgeries for community cats, and works with local county officials to ensure the health and safety of homeless and feral companion animals.

Homeward Bound is located at 125 County House Road in Gloucester Township, New Jersey. For more information regarding the shelter, its services, and the animals currently up for adoption, please visit homewardboundnj.org.