Greg DeShields

Greg DeShields, Cherry Hill

Greg DeShields, resident of Cherry Hill and member of the Board of Directors at the Independence Business Alliance is passionate about diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice in the community. While his professional accomplishments alone would qualify him for this award, his commitment to community service is what makes Greg an outstanding candidate. Since Greg has been on the board, he has completely transformed the way we think about DEI work. Greg is a loud voice for the underserved, and his expertise have helped improve the inclusivity of other boards for people of all racial and ethnic backgrounds, gender expressions, and sexual orientations. These Boards include: Boy Scouts of America, the African American Chamber of Commerce for PA, NJ, and DE, the Greater Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the Asian American Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia, and SKAL International. On every volunteer Board he serves, Greg leads with intent and ensures everyone is welcome. As an out LGBTQ+ black man, he has had to navigate uncomfortable and discriminatory spaces to find his place. He is someone who never closes the door behind him, ensuring others won’t have to experience what he had to. Whether he is teaching others the importance of DEI, or raising money to fund the experience for others, Greg is one of Camden County’s most important voices.


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