Freeholders Host 2019 High School Golf Tournament

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On April 22nd, high school golfers from 13 Camden County schools competed in the 22nd Annual Camden County High School Golf Tournament. For the first time in 22 years, the tournament hosted a girls individual championship.

“We congratulate all of the players that have been chosen to participate in this year’s tournament,” said Freeholder Deputy Director Ed McDonnell, liaison to the Camden County Department of Events and Community Outreach.  “The Freeholder Board hosts this tournament each year to honor high school seniors from Camden County who represent excellence both on the field and in the classroom.”

Each year, the Freeholder Board invites schools from throughout the county to send up to four players to represent their alma mater in the county-wide event. This year, at least 50 players from 13 schools will compete to be crowned the champions.

“This event brings players together for an opportunity to represent their schools and compete at the highest level,” McDonnell said. “For many of these athletes, it could be one of their last chances to hit the links in a competitive setting.”

The following players competed in the tournament:

Audubon High School
1. Austin McAleer
2. Shane Price
3. Jake Tovinsky
4. Jake Hutter

Cherry Hill East
1. Sean Voit
2. Noah Greenspun
3. Addi Mann
4. Grace Laird

Cherry Hill West
1. Will Milligan
2. Brandan Desjardins
3. Katie Chase
4. Rachel Lee

Eastern High School
1. Grant Zielinski 
2. Tyler Peters 
3. Grant Wurster
4. Olivia Rose Arculeo
5. Danny Francesconi

Gloucester Catholic High School
1. Conor Regan
2. Matt Sasher
3. Colin Schumacher
4. Nick Myers

Haddon Heights High School
1. Stella Farguhar
2. Luke Farguhar
3. Conner Helmetay
4. Matt van Istendal

Haddon Township High School
1. Dom Ciko
2. Jesse Lang
3. Brian Madden Jr.
4. JR Lang

Haddonfield High School
1. Finn McGarry
2. Brian Pelose
3. Jake Armstrong
4. George Cooper

Paul VI High School
1. Cameron Chandler
2. Kyle Pernell
3. Rob Collelouri
4. Logan Fogerty

Sterling High School
1. Dawson Donnelly
2. Josh Green
3. Andrew Chicalo
4. Dominic Osciak

Timber Creek High School
1. Nick Kelly
2. Skylar Amoroso
3. Ryan Jones
4. Zack Shannon

Triton High School
1. Sarah Aurso
2. Julia Richards
3. Jeff Chew
4. Gerald Wesley