Freeholders Donate 500 Pounds of Food to Food Bank of South Jersey

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The Freeholder Board loaded more than 500 pounds of food onto trucks bound for the Food Bank of South Jersey. The donation is the result of a collection started by employees throughout Camden County government to assist furloughed workers who were struggling to keep up without pay during the longest federal government shutdown in American history.

“Even though the shutdown has ended, thousands of federal employees are still being impacted by the more than 30 days that they had to endure without a paycheck,” said Freeholder Carmen Rodriguez. “For too many families in America, the only thing that stands between health and hunger is a single paycheck. In New Jersey, more than 900,000 people face intermittent food insecurity, shutdown or not.”

In addition to the food collection, the Freeholders made a contribution of $250 on behalf of County employees to benefit the Food Bank’s mission.

“The Board is profoundly grateful to the public servants who stepped up in an hour of need and exemplified the good will and compassion that this world could use more of,” Rodriguez said. “We hope this is a reminder to everyone that holidays are not the only time that families need assistance securing healthy meals. Food banks face year-round pressure to keep their shelves stocked.”

Food Bank of South Jersey President and CEO, Fred Wasiak, expanded upon the public’s role in helping hungry families.

“The Food Bank of South Jersey relies on the kindness of the community for food and monetary donations,” Wasiak said. “It is extra special to have the support of the Camden County Freeholders. Five hundred pounds of food will help those in our community who are food insecure.”

The Food Bank of South Jersey (FBSJ) is the leader in providing safe and nutritional food to people in need throughout South Jersey. FBSJ distributes food, provides nutrition education and cooking courses, and helps food-insecure families and seniors find sustainable ways to improve their lives.

In 2018, FBSJ provided over 10 million pounds of food to approximately 200,000 South Jersey residents. Providing community impact through local support, FBSJ ensures that local donations stay local. FBSJ is a member of Feeding America, our nation’s largest hunger-relief organization. To learn more visit