Eunice “Fay” Crooks

Eunice “Fay” Crooks, Winslow Township
2024 Camden County Freedom Medal Winner

Eunice Fay Crooks is devoted to her Winslow community. Fay works with teenage girls to help build their self esteem and aids them into becoming productive members of the community. In addition to helping the youth, Fay started a black women’s walking group called “GirlTrek” that meets each week to provide a time to come together and meet intentionally all while walking for their health #sistersinsolidarity. She is a very active member of her church and volunteers at Community events like Juneteenth and Winslow Family Day. She is an online tutor and helps with the Family Success Center workshops. Because she is a strong believer in community she walks her neighborhood, knocking on neighbors’ doors, just to make sure they’re okay and to help keep everyone connected.