Dave Cornwell

Dave Cornwell, Clementon

Dave Cornwell, resident of Clementon and Executive Director of Friends of Clementon Food Pantry is a true advocate for food insecurity in Camden County. The Friends of Clementon Food Pantry is a Client-Choice Pantry, which allows clients to choose their own options. Client-Choice pantries resemble small grocery stores with products arrayed on shelves and in coolers/freezers where clients can fill their bags and boxes. The option of choice gives clients a sense of control and variety. Dave is always finding ways to stock his shelves so community members are able to support themselves and their families. At the height of the pandemic, Dave made sure his pantry was consistently stocked with items for breakfast, snacks and lunch for children. In November 2021, Friends of Clementon hosted their first Annual Car Show, raising over $5,000 dollars and a large quantity of food donations. Dave shares a similar path and mindset of Dr. King, fighting to end hunger and deprivation in cities and at tables.


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