COVID-19 Vaccination Cards to be Critical Moving Forward

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(Gloucester Township, NJ) –Officials at the Camden County Vaccination Center are urging residents to laminate and make duplicate copies of the card that proves inoculation to COVID-19. In this evolving environment the vaccination card will be imperative for travel, entering entertainment events and locally for students going back to class at Rutgers University. Currently, almost 100,000 residents are fully vaccinated out of the 392,000 eligible adults throughout Camden County encompassing almost 25 percent of the population.    


Commissioner Director, Louis Cappelli Jr., talked about the importance of this small card that should be kept on your person at all times, like a driver’s license, as we move into the next stage of this pandemic.


“Almost a quarter of our residents in Camden County have been fully vaccinated, which is an extraordinary accomplishment over the last three months. For us, as a community, to get fully back to normal – and as Rutgers underscored with its new policy last week – proof of vaccination will be key to the process of protecting the overall public health,” Cappelli said. “As it stands today, more than 160,000 first doses of the vaccine have been administered in the county and herd immunity is no longer a pipe dream but becoming more of a reality every day. That said, receipt of this vaccine is and will be critical for the future of our new normal during this pandemic.”


The COVID vaccination card is a certified document with the CDC logo in the upper corner, which includes, the date, type of vaccine and was provided to patients by the vaccine clinic, pharmacy or health care provider facilitating the shot. If you lose your vaccine card you should return to the place it was provided for a replacement card. 


You can register to get vaccinated at, or by calling (856) 549-0530. For more information regarding the Camden County Vaccination Center, please visit