Commissioners Purchase Tablets for Senior Citizens

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(Camden, NJ) – The Board of Commissioners is proud to announce the purchase of 300 tablets that will be used for face-to-face case management and to combat social isolation with the senior community. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Camden County Division of Senior Services noticed an increase in social insolation in the vulnerable senior population due to mandated social distancing to prevent the spread of the virus. Case management has had to be carried out telephonically and all spaces to meet have been closed, which has created a barrier between assessors and seniors.


“Community engagement and socialization are the most important aspects of the congregate nutrition sites,” said Commissioner Carmen Rodriguez, liaison to the Camden County Health Department. “Because of the pandemic, we’ve had to facilitate our social services from a distance and unfortunately, this has resulted in further isolation among our seniors.”

The Senior Friendly tablets will offer video chats from other congregate site members and activities from the sites that the consumers could engage in. Sites often offer educational programs that can be conducted virtually.


“Everything is happening online nowadays and so often, our seniors can be left behind,” Rodriguez continued. “By purchasing and distributing these tablets, we hope that our seniors here in Camden County can begin feeling connected to their communities once again.”


The Senior Friendly Tablet is easy to use with its touch screen technology for those with neuropathy, has simple to use applications and allows users to be able to share photos and video chat with loved ones. Users can also order medication and groceries from their tablet as well as enjoy leisure actives such as playing solitaire and accessing the internet. 


“All tablets will be assigned and tracked.” Rodriguez said. “We will train the users how to operate their tablets and we’ll have people available to answer any questions. If someone isn’t using their tablet, we can retrieve them and distribute them to someone else who will utilize it.”


All Camden County residents who are 60 and over and do not have access to the internet and would like to participate in our virtual Senior Service’s events can contact (856) 858-3220 for a tablet. Isolated seniors will have priority for the hardware. A wait list will be established and after the vulnerable population is served tablets will be distributed on first come first serve basis.