Commissioners Celebrated Opening Day of Miracle League

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The first official kickoff of spring baseball at the Camden County Miracle League commenced on Saturday morning. Children and their families joined community leaders in celebrating Miracle League Opening Day.
“It is such a privilege and an honor to be able to bring the joy of baseball to these children and their families,” said Commissioner Deputy Director Ed McDonnell. “The Miracle field was built specifically for children in wheelchairs or who use walkers, and who would not be able to safely round the bases on a traditional baseball diamond. This field provides children with disabilities the opportunity to participate in America’s favorite pastime and we cannot wait to get another season started.”

The Boundless Field opened in 2013 to accommodate handicap accessible baseball games and Special Olympics events. The field’s baselines are 50 feet from one another and the distance from home plate to the fence at center field is 125 feet. More than 100 children and adults with special needs, and community volunteers will gather at the nationally recognized venue each weekend this spring.


At a typical Miracle League game every player bats once per inning, players are not called out on the bases, every player scores a run each inning and both teams win the game.  Players are given “buddies” to assist them during the game.  The “buddies” are often brothers, sisters and friends, as well as other adults and children who volunteer their time to help players participate in the game.


“All children, regardless of physical ability, deserve to play and have fun,” McDonnell said. “John Adler Park is a fully accessible, award-winning facility, which also includes the region’s first boundless playground, Jake’s Place.”


The Camden County Miracle League is organized by the Commissioner Board’s Division of Programming for People with Disabilities. To see a list of other activities hosted for people with special needs, please visit




Miracle League Opening Day, April 13, 2024