Commissioner Director Cappelli’s Statement on COVID-19 Boosters Becoming Available to Everyone

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“Today’s announcement is another positive step in getting our community closer to a post pandemic world by giving the general public access to booster shots. As many of us have returned to the office or begin planning our holiday gatherings, we need to ensure that we are as safe and protected from this virus as possible. Being able to receive a booster shot, regardless of health qualifiers, will add another layer of protection and will ease some anxieties as the world continues opening back up. 


Although daily cases of COVID-19 have remained steady, we know that those who do end up getting sick have a much better chance at recovery if they are vaccinated. Nearly all deaths in the United States now are among unvaccinated people. We know that we only have a couple of strong tools to delivering us back to a way of life we still long for and the vaccine is by far and away the most important tool in that fight.


Following the advice of experts and getting a booster shot is the responsible thing to do. By taking these steps we can do away with having Thanksgiving dinners over Zoom and opening presents while sitting six feet apart. We can make up for the time we lost last year while staying safe and healthy. I’m anxiously waiting for Gov. Phil Murphy to lift the health qualifiers so New Jerseyans across the board can access a booster shot and head into the holiday season with a sense of reassurance.”