CDC Recommends Resumption of Indoor Mask Wearing

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(Camden, NJ) – On Tuesday, July 27, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated its guidance regarding masks and face coverings due to the highly infectious and transmissible COVID-19 Delta variant. The CDC is recommending that people who live in areas experiencing high transmission rates resume wearing masks indoors while in public areas.

Early Wednesday, the New Jersey Department of Health followed the CDC’s announcement with its own recommendation that all residents, regardless of vaccination status, resume wearing masks in public indoor settings. The recommendation is aimed at protecting unvaccinated adults and children, as well as the immunocompromised, in light of new data suggesting that fully vaccinated adults may be able to transmit the Delta variant at increased rates.

“The pandemic is not over nor should we start acting like it is. Until everyone is vaccinated, we will continue to see changing guidance and restrictions as transmission rates increase and decrease,” said County Commissioner Director Louis Cappelli Jr. “We need all vaccinated residents to continue to stay informed, and to continue to help protect their neighbors by following the recommendations of public health officials. Most importantly, we need everyone who hasn’t been vaccinated to get their shot as soon as possible.”

For more information regarding the CDC’s updated guidance, visit the CDC webpage here. State guidance and information regarding the spread of COVID-19 is updated daily at More information regarding CVOID-19 in Camden County is also available on