Camden County Partners with Gloucester Township to Introduce New Bicycle Library

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(Gloucester Township) Gloucester Township, in partnership with Camden County and Cross County Connection TMA, introduced the GTWheels Sustainable Bike Library with a press conference hosted by local officials omniscience’s on May 24th.
“GTWheels will be the fourth and largest local Bike Library program established through the County. We wish them success and hope that the model established here in Gloucester Township will inspire other communities in the County to create similar programs of their own,” says Camden County Freeholder, Jeff Nash.
GTWheels is an innovative concept in Gloucester Township where volunteers will repair donated or recovered bicycles and offer them to the public for no cost. Residents will be able to borrow a refurbished bike from their municipal distribution center located at the Lakeland Complex, and then return it when they are done using it if they’d like. This program will provide residents with a fun, healthy, free and green form of recreation and transportation.
“The health and wellbeing of our residents is a huge priority in Gloucester Township. Last summer, we brought you GT Bike Share, a free bike kiosk service located alongside our health and fitness trail. This service was such a success, that we decided to partner with the County and take on this new bike initiative in order to get even more people out of their house and riding. Today, we bring you GTWheels Sustainable Bike Library which operates on donated bikes which residents can use. The difference between the two is that with GTWheels, all of the bikes are recycled or refurbished and you actually get to bring the bikes home! This volunteer-run program is completely free for residents and will operate at no cost to the Township,” said Mayor David R. Mayer.
In order to obtain a bicycle from the GTWheels Sustainable Bike Library, Gloucester Township residents will simply fill out an online membership form, visit the distribution center with identification and proof of residency, sign two documents: a liability waiver and a policy and procedures form, and then pick out a bike that best suits them. Bikes range in size to accommodate both children and adults, helmets are also available upon request. Borrowing can be for a short or an extended period of time — as long as the participant continues to ride.
“Cross County Connection TMA is proud to have partnered with Camden County and Gloucester Township to open the GTWheels Sustainable Bike Library. As an organization dedicated to reducing congestion and improving air quality, we applaud Gloucester Township’s effort to expand residents’ access to bicycles, an environmentally friendly mode of transportation. We hope to assist Camden County’s BikeShare program with establishing additional Sustainable BikeShare libraries in the future,” said Executive Director of Cross County Connection TMA, Bill Ragozine.