Arthur Aston

Arthur Aston, Collingswood
2024 Camden County MLK Freedom Medal Winner

Arthur Aston is a disability advocate. Arthur has shown nothing but resilience in spite of his impaired mobility due to Spina Bifida and overcoming the challenges he’s often presented with. Because of this, he wanted to give back to those in the community and has been able to do this through his work with Build Jake’s Place, a nonprofit organization that creates accessible play experiences for individuals of all abilities. He also serves as a General Manager for Camden County’s Miracle League, a baseball league for children and adults with disabilities. Arthur also founded OurView, a program which consists of a series of customized assemblies for students from Kindergarten through college, and workshops and trainings for employees of companies. The program is designed to raise awareness about disabilities, to educate the population at large about disabilities, and to change the tone of conversation concerning those who have disabilities.

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