All-Camden County Middle School Honor Band

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On April 2nd at 7 pm, the sound of music will gloriously fill the air as 84 budding musicians perform during the All-Camden County 2022 Middle School  Honor Band Concert at the Gloucester Township Campus of Camden County Technical Schools. 

This concert band is comprised of seventh and eighth grade musicians from middle schools  throughout Camden County. The students were selected by nomination and were identified as the  most enthusiastic and talented members of their middle school band programs by their music  teachers.  

This annual event, coordinated by Mr. Douglas Schmidt, Instrumental Music Instructor and Band  Director at Camden County Technical Schools, was first held in 2020 but was not held in 2021  due to COVID.  

“The students rehearsed in sections during the past four weeks, but all the members will rehearse together for the very first time for only a few hours on the night before the concert. They will  meet again for a few hours on the day of the concert culminating with the final performance at 7  pm. It shows you what hard work and dedication can produce. I couldn’t be prouder,” said Mr.  Schmidt. 

The Honor Band will perform the following selections: 

  1. African Spirit Dance, Mark Williams  
  2. American Spirit March, John Higgins  
  3. The Avengers from THE AVENGERS, Alan Silvestri arranged by Robert Longfield  4. Can-Can, Jacques Offenbach 
  4. Creepy Crawlies, Michael Story
  5. Dance Celebration, Robert W. Smith 
  6. Gathering in the Glen, Michael Sweeney  
  7. The Magic of Harry Potter, featuring themes from all eight Harry Potter motion pictures,  arranged by Robert W. Smith  
  8. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious from Walt Disney’s Mary Poppins, words and Music  by Richard M. Sherman & Robert B. Sherman, arranged by Michael Sweeney  

Participating Students and their Music Teachers: 

ANN A. MULLEN MIDDLE SCHOOL, Andrew Owens, Instrumental Music Teacher Miles Allen, 8th Grade, Alto Saxophone 

Alanna Bell, 7th Grade, Flute 

Keiara Bey-Splawn, 7th Grade, Trombone 

Blair Duckrey-Furbert, 8th Grade, Tenor Saxophone 

Adam He, 7th Grade, Keyboard Percussion 

Declan Koreck, 7th Grade, Trombone 

Ryan Pancoast, 8th Grade, Battery Percussion 

Iam Roberson, 7th Grade, Clarinet 

Leila Williams, 8th Grade, Flute 

AUDUBON JUNIOR-SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL, Lee DeLoach, Band Director Noah Davis, 8th Grade, Alto Saxophone 

Georgios Kappatos, 8th Grade, Clarinet 

Rylan Kucharski, 8th Grade, Trombone  

BERLIN COMMUNITY SCHOOL, Timothy Trout, Instrumental Music Teacher Alyssa Embrey, 7th Grade, Flute 

Nathan Fean, 8th Grade, Alto Saxophone 

Jacob Kelly, 7th Grade, Bass Clarinet 

DJ Lewis, 7th Grade, Tenor Saxophone 

Adam Williams, 8th Grade, Alto Saxophone 

CHARLES W. LEWIS MIDDLE SCHOOL, Thomas Nichols, Instrumental Music Teacher Hana Hemmings, 8th Grade, Flute 

Emily Keith, 7th Grade, Horn 

Michael Onochie, 7th Grade, Trombone 

Giada Pace, 8th Grade, Clarinet 

Grace Prendergast, 8th Grade, Clarinet 

Lauren Stanz, 7th Grade, Trombone 

Sabrina Weaver, 8th Grade, Trumpet  

CLEMENTON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, Bryan Williams, Teacher of Music Petr Anderson, 8th Grade, Clarinet 

Rebecca Blank, 8th Grade, Flute 

Amanda Blitz, 7th Grade, Trumpet 

Joseph Calderon, 7th Grade, Alto Saxophone 

Jason Pedersen, 8th Grade, Clarinet 

Pearce Reid, 8th Grade, Battery Percussion 

Joshua Weaver, 8th Grade, Battery Percussion

FOLSOM SCHOOL, Lauren Schmidt, Music Teacher & Band Director Charlotte DeLeon, 8th Grade, Battery Percussion 

Willow DeLeon, 7th Grade, Alto Saxophone 

Matthew Hoyer, 8th Grade, Battery Percussion 

James Leavens, 7th Grade, Clarinet 

Vincent Palermo, 8th Grade, Trumpet 

Dominick Rolando, 8th Grade, Baritone Saxophone 

Ella Way, 7th Grade, Alto Saxophone 

HADDON HEIGHTS JUNIOR-SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL, William Schoch, Band Director Ian Bomgardner, 8th Grade, Trumpet 

Jake Dillon, 8th Grade, Tenor Saxophone 

Nora Miller, 7th Grade, Clarinet 

Jonathan Rojas, 8th Grade, Euphonium 

Moira Schroeder, 8th Grade, Battery Percussion 

Nicholas Stango, 8th Grade, Alto Saxophone 

HOME SCHOOL (Barrington) 

Ethan Wagner, 8th Grade, Trumpet  

HOWARD M. PHIFER MIDDLE SCHOOL, William Wenglicki, Band Director Maureen Rowan, 8th Grade, Flute 

MAGNOLIA PUBLIC SCHOOL, Barbara Schneider, Music Teacher & Band Director Sophie Haughwout, 7th Grade, Battery Percussion 

Olivia Satchell, 7th Grade, Alto Saxophone 

Connor Sliwoski, 7th Grade, Trumpet 

Luciana Staffieri, 7th Grade, Battery Percussion 

MARY E. VOLZ MIDDLE SCHOOL, Melissa Maatje, Music Teacher & Band Director Bryanna Aljoe, 8th Grade, Flute 

Priscilla Guerrero, 8th Grade, Clarinet 

Nicholas Mazzone, 8th Grade, Battery Percussion 

Jack McCann, 8th Grade, Trumpet 

Kenia Medina, 8th Grade, Alto Saxophone 

Keyla Mendez, 8th Grade, Clarinet 

Sophie Stainker, 8th Grade, Flute 

MERCHANTVILLE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, Vanessa Van Sciver, Band Director Marlowe Freeman, 7th Grade, Trumpet  

OUR LADY OF HOPE REGIONAL SCHOOL, Michael Binkins, Music Teacher Evan Ploski, 7th Grade, Battery Percussion 

PINE HILL MIDDLE SCHOOL, Erica Burr, Director of Instrumental Music Jeffrey Boyd, 8th Grade, Baritone Saxophone 

Sophia Burgos, 8th Grade, Flute 

Domenic Jeffries, 8th Grade, Battery Percussion 

Stevie McGarvey, 8th Grade, Alto Saxophone 

Brianna Parker, 8th Grade, Keyboard Percussion 

Connor Pusey-Sweeney, 7th Grade, Alto Saxophone 

Justin Yeater, 7th Grade, Flute

SOMERDALE PARK SCHOOL, Steven Terry, Music Teacher & Band Director Shayna Danica Chua, 8th Grade, Clarinet 

Terry Cole, 7th Grade, Alto Saxophone 

Geovanna Escobar, 7th Grade, Trumpet 

Zachary Hooper, 7th Grade, Clarinet 

Kevin Morrison, Jr., 7th Grade, Battery Percussion 

Jalynn Scott, 7th Grade, Trumpet 

Ayden Vuich, 7th Grade, Alto Saxophone 

VOORHEES MIDDLE SCHOOL, Matthew Totora, Band Director 

Bella Curtis, 8th Grade, Flute 

Isaiah Gallagher, 7th Grade, Alto Saxophone 

Isabella Giansanti, 8th Grade, Flute 

Sree Gunachandran, 8th Grade, Flute 

Evan Liang, 7th Grade, Alto Saxophone 

Caleb Moore, 8th Grade, Battery Percussion 

Leyla Rojas, 8th Grade, Flute 

Madeleine Siri, 8th Grade, Flute 

Viha Vijayapuri, 8th Grade, Alto Saxophone 

WOODLAND MIDDLE SCHOOL, Bethany Bantle, Band Director 

Benjamin Beard, 7th Grade, Battery Percussion 

Sofia DeRosa, 8th Grade, Trumpet  

“I congratulate the talented seventh and eighth grade musicians from across Camden County  who will perform in the second annual All–Camden County Middle School Honor Band,” said  Pat Fitzgerald, Superintendent of the Camden County Technical Schools. “It is a high honor for  these students to have been chosen to participate in this event from among all the musicians in  their school bands. I am delighted that they enjoyed themselves during the rehersals, made new  friends, and will have life-long memories from the experience.”  

The Music Academy at the Gloucester Township Campus of CCTS consists of high school  musicians dedicated to their love of music, the pursuit of academic and musical excellence, and  the demonstration of superior character. Mr. Schmidt teaches his students not only on their  primary instruments, but on many secondary instruments within a four-year course of study.  Instrumental Music Academy students study piano, written music theory, aural music theory, ear  training and sight singing, and composition. They also participate in handbell choir, and perform  public concerts for the community several times each year.  

The two high schools that comprise the Camden County Technical School District (CCTS)  provide career training programs, academic courses, and extracurricular activities to students in  grades nine through twelve. The Gloucester Township Campus is located on Berlin Cross Keys Road in Sicklerville. The Pennsauken Campus is located on Browning Road in Pennsauken.  Because CCTS is a public high school, there is no charge to attend CCTS for high school  students who live in Camden County.