Mosquito Spraying Throughout Camden County on Friday

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Early Friday morning, the Mosquito Control Commission will be in the community spraying and surveilling areas throughout Camden County.

Commissioner Jeff Nash, liaison to the Camden County Mosquito Commission, talked about being cognizant of standing water.

“It’s important for homeowners to check their yard and get rid any standing water to prevent mosquitos from spreading,” Nash said. “Be sure to check flowerpots and other plastic containers for standing water. Being proactive have major impact on the mosquito population and help the hardworking people at the Camden County Mosquito Control Commission in their efforts.”

Camden County Mosquito Commission will be conducting ULV “spraying” operations on Friday, July 12, between the hours of 2 AM and 6 AM in the following locations, weather permitting: 



E. Broad St.

Jefferson Ave.

Haines Ave.

Washington Ave.

Hamilton Ave.

Marshal St.

Jackson Rd.

Davenport Ave.

Cushman Ave.

Birch Ave.

McClellan Ave.

Oak Ave.

S. White Horse Pike

E. Taunton Ave.

Sumner Ave.

Hardie Ave.

N. Atlantic Ave.


Cherry Hill

Williams St.

Magnolia Ave.

Miller Ave.

Main St.

Locust St.

Spruce St.

Chapel Ave.

Merchant St.

Lawrence St.

Wisteria Ave.

Woodlawn Ave.

Prospect St.

Maple Terr.

Hadleigh Dr.

Brondesbury Dr.

Lynford Dr.

Lynford Ct.

Hadleigh Terr.

Brondesbury Pl.

Jill Marcill Dr.

Kingsdale Ave.

Partridge Ln.

Cohasset Ln.

Capshire Dr.

Pawtucket Dr.

Hadleigh Ct.

St. Michael Ct.

St. Anthony Ct.

Staffordshire Rd.

Brick Rd.

Cherrywood Ct.

E. Partridge Ln.

Todd Ct.

Kate Ct.

Sudely Green Ct.

Inskeep Ct.



Bilper Ave.

Success Dr.


Paul Rd.

Stan Rd.

Matt Dr.

Louis Rd.

Society Hill Estates Rd.

Philip Dr.

Norman Dr.

Mary Ln.

Jane Dr.

Hill Rd.

E. Gibbsboro Rd.


Cherry Hill

Kingston Dr.

Rydal Rd.

Chelton Pkwy

Frederick Rd.

E. Tampa Ave.

Abington Rd.

Deland Ave.

Edgemoor Rd.

Orlando Rd.

Abington Terr.

Russell Terr.



Nansen Ave.

Christiana St.

Haakon Rd.

Bergen St.

S. Wilson Ave.

N. Wilson Ave.

N. Hannevig Ave.

Maude Ave.

Horton Ave.

Noreg Pl.



Monroe Ave. W.

Albertson Ave. S.

Adams Ave. W.

Walnut Ave. S.

Washington Ave.

Chestnut Ave.

Atlantic Ave. SW



Summit Rd.

Hillcrest Rd.

Overhill Rd.

Parkview Rd.

Rolling Rd.

Knoll Rd.

Knoll Ct.

Sunnybrook Rd.

Buttonwood Rd.

Sleepy Hollow Rd.


Mt. Ephraim

Linwood Ave.

Lincoln Ave.

Winthrop Ave.

S. Oak Ave.

Grant Ave.

Baird Ave.

Harding Ave.

Roosevelt Ave.

Jefferson Ave.

Cleveland Ave.

Adams Ave.

Linden Ave.



Riverside Dr.



Linwood Ave.

Stokes Ave.

Park Ave.

Belmont Ave.

Merrick Ave.

Conard Ave.

W. Cuthbert Blvd.



Rambler Ave.

Manor Ct.

Bowers Ave.

Crescent Ave.

Iva Ct.

Smith Ln.

N. Oakland Ave.


Payne Ave.

Orchard Ave.

N. Read Ave.

W. 3rd Ave.

W. 5th Ave.


Gloucester Twp.

Belleview Ave.

Park St.

Cambridge Ave.

Delaware Ave.

Essex Ave.

Morgan St.

Sterling St.

Morgan Ave.

Sinatra Dr.

Vance Ave.

Whalen Ave.

Balsley Ct.

E. Meadowbrook Cir.

King Ct.



Lincoln Dr.

Vicksburg Rd.

Spring Hill Dr.

Manassas Pl.

Fredricksburg Pl.

Roanoke Rd.

Spring Hollow Dr.

Latham Way

Donna Marie Ct.


Haddon Twp.

E. Crystal Lake Ave.

Highland Ave.

Locust Ave.

Walton Ave.



Mansion Ave.

Virginia Ave.

Oak St.

3rd Ave.

W. Pine St.

4th Ave.

Wyoming Ave.



Burbank Dr.

Beverly Dr.

Oak Dr.

Catalina Dr.

Valley Dr.

Willow Way

Glendale Dr.

Sunset Dr.

Beverly Ct.

Burbank Ct.

Mildred Ave.


Gloucester City

Greenacres Ln.

Springdale Dr.