County Counsel

The Office of County Counsel serves as attorney for and provides legal advice and representation to the Camden County Board of Freeholders and to all County Departments. The Office also provides legal advice and assistance to the constitutional officers upon their request.

In addition to handling Federal, State and local litigation matters, on behalf of the County, the legal staff provides a broad range of other services. These services include the review and preparation of legal documents and the provision of both advice and representation in a wide variety of contractual, financial, regulatory and transactional matters.

County Counsel Legal Team

  • Christopher A. Orlando, County Counsel
  • Howard L. Goldberg, First Assistant County Counsel
  • Antonieta Paiva Rinaldi, Assistant County Counsel
  • Catherine Binowski, Assistant County Counsel
  • Laura J. Paffenroth, Assistant County Counsel
  • Anne E. Walters, Assistant County Counsel
  • Emeshe Arzón, Assistant County Counsel
  • Matthew V. White, Assistant County Counsel
  • Stephanie C. Madden, Assistant County Counsel (starting Oct. 2, 2017)




Christopher A. Orlando

County Counsel

Louis Cappelli, Jr.

Freeholder Liaison

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