Veteran Homecoming Celebration for Seaman Anthony Rexach

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Camden County congratulates Seaman Anthony Rexach, for completing a six-month deployment in Guam. Rexach, who serves in the Navy,  arrived to a surprise celebration on Friday to welcome him home.


“Anthony’s selflessness and patriotism are nothing short of remarkable and on behalf of the entire Commissioner Board, we are so proud of, and thankful for, his service,” said Commissioner Melinda Kane.


Rexach is an equipment operator and serves as part of the Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 1, better known as “Seabees.” While on deployment in Guam, Rexach earned the Seabee Combat Warfare pin and the Enlisted Expeditionary Warfare pin. He was also nominated as Seabee and Alfa Dawg of the month. 


Rexach will be stationed in Gulfport, Mississippi over the next five years. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends, being a mentor to others, traveling, adventures, the beach, swimming, hiking and biking.