Statement Regarding the Passing of Lucinda Florio

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The statement below is by Commissioner Director Louis Cappelli Jr. on behalf of the Board regarding the passing of Lucinda Florio.   
The Board of Commissioners is devastated to learn of the passing of Lucina Florio, former first lady of New Jersey, on Wednesday. Her death comes less than two months after her husband, Governor Jim Florio’s death on Sept. 25. The loss of these two incredible public servants has hit our state hard but I think we can find comfort in the fact that Lucinda and Jim can once again be reunited. Lucinda was a fierce advocate for our residents and particularly for our children, as she spent many years of her life as an elementary school teacher. Lucinda championed many initiatives to improve things such as literacy and women’s rights during her time as First Lady. She entered the world of politics after marrying Jim in 1988, just as he was preparing to make his third bid for governor. But over time, Lucinda established her presence as a leader, separate from her husband’s and has left her own mark on the state of New Jersey. Our thoughts are with the Florio family as they suffer another devastating loss. We will cherish the memory of Lucinda and Jim and their legacy will live on for future generations of New Jerseyans to learn from.