State Funds Camden County Projects

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By Camden County Commissioner Director Louis Cappelli Jr.


Recently, the state of New Jersey has handed down millions of dollars to fund two Camden County projects that we are ecstatic to get the ball rolling on. Any and all funds from outside our local tax base for our projects here in the county is appreciated and Gov. Murphy’s administration has shown their commitment to bettering the lives of all New Jerseyans by funding important initiatives.


On Monday, July 31, we announced the allocation of $8 million from the state of New Jersey that will be utilized to upgrade and enhance existing key components of the Camden County Police Department’s operating system. 


It is critical that we stay on top of things and continue to improve our tactical center. This money from the state will allow us to do just that, and knowing that our state legislators see the value in an investment like this is amazing. 


Since the first days of the department’s operation, overall crime and violent crime have both been reduced to 50-year lows. At the end of last year, violent crime had been reduced by 44% and homicides had come down approximately 60% from the previous 10 years. 


Our tactical room is the nerve center of the department, so it is without question, that these funds are going to assist us in keeping our community safe. It means we are going to be able to improve upon our existing tools that will ultimately give our officers on the city’s streets a strategic advantage. I want to thank our legislators for their advocacy and their willingness to secure these funds for our department.


The second round of state funds was announced on Thursday, July 27, when the Board of Commissioners joined Assembly Majority Leader Louis Greenwald, officials from the Parks Department and community members to present a check for $87,000 that will be used to build a new skatepark in Camden County. 


The project is currently in the design phase and the Parks Department is looking to bid the project in the fall. Since holding a public meeting on the project in February, we have been working to incorporate community feedback and suggestions into the design of the project to ensure its a space that works for everyone. The project is also part of the Commissioner’s Parks Alive 2025 initiative, which focuses on transforming county green spaces and providing all residents with top quality outdoor areas and recreation.


We could not be more thankful to the state and our elected officials for helping these projects along. It is this kind of teamwork that allows the quality of life here in Camden County to continue to rise.