2020 General Election

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In light of the ongoing novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Governor Phil Murphy signed P.L. 2020, c. 72, which makes significant changes to how the 2020 General Election will be conducted.

  • To limit unnecessary exposure, the election will be conducted primarily by Vote by Mail Ballot, as such you have been sent this ballot.
  • There will be limited in-person polling places where voters can cast their vote by paper Provisional Ballots.
  • All vote by mail ballots will be safe and secure, and multiple checks and balances are in place to secure your vote. 
  • Per the new law, you cannot vote in a machine at the polls (there will be an ADA accessible ballot marking device available for voters that are unable to vote via paper ballot).

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Vote By Mail | Your Vote is Safe and SecureReturning Your Ballots | Tracking Your Ballots | In Person Voting | Sample Ballots | Results of the Election  | FAQ


Vote by Mail

The election will be conducted primarily by paper VOTE BY MAIL ballots.

  • All who are registered are automatically being sent VBM Ballots.
  • Unless you have previously signed up to receive a Vote By Mail for all future elections, you will only be sent a ballot for this election.
Schedule for Mailing Ballots
  • All ballots have been mailed out by October 5th.
  • If you do not receive your ballot, you can CLICK HERE to request a replacement ballots.

Your Vote is Safe and Secure

Camden County takes every precaution to ensure your vote is confidential, safe and secure during this process. See these steps Camden County is taking and how to ensure your vote is completed correctly.

  • VBM ballots have unique bar codes and cannot be duplicated, and ensures it will only be counted once
  • Your signature on your VBM is verified against your signature on file, so no one can use your ballot and successfully vote using your ballot.
  • You must follow the instructions provided, and you must use the outside security envelope.
  • When you vote by mail, no one can see how your vote was cast. Your signature is verified against your registration signature and then the signature flap is removed and separated before your ballot is opened and subsequently counted. The people counting the ballots will never see your name or signature in connection with the ballot with your votes.
  • If your ballot is held aside due to a mistake or a signature verification process, you will be given an opportunity to “cure” or fix your ballot.
  • Drop boxes are very secure, monitored by security cameras and collected every day by County election official teams of one Democrat and one Republican.
  • Sign up for New Jersey’s TrackMyBallot (https://www.nj.gov/state/elections/vote-track-my-ballot.shtml) to follow the progress, and be sure it was received.

For information on how to fill out your ballot, CLICK HERE.

Returning Your Ballot

By Secure Dropbox

  • There are 13 secure drop boxes located throughout Camden County in which you can drop off your ballot.
  • Drop boxes are open 24 hours a day in well-lit locations and are under video surveillance.
  • The drop boxes are open until the close of polls, 8 PM on November 3, 2020.
  • Drop boxes are very secure, monitored by security cameras and collected every day by County election official teams of one Democrat and one Republican.
  • For Secure Drop Box locations and directions, CLICK HERE

By Mail

  • The ballots are postage paid.
  • They can be returned to any US Post Office or in a USPS mailbox.
  • If it is close to the election, it is recommended that you ask the Post Office to hand cancel the envelope to assure it has a readable postmark.
  • Ballots postmarked on or before Election Day will be counted if received by November 10, 2020.

In-Person to Board of Elections

Ballots can be dropped to:
Camden County Board of Elections,
100 University Ct.
Blackwood, NJ 08012.
Sun, 10/18
Monday, 10/19
8:30AM – 8 PM
Tuesday, 10/20
8:30AM – 6 PM
Wednesday, 10/21
8:30AM – 8 PM
Thursday, 10/22
8:30AM – 6 PM
Friday, 10/23
8:30AM – 8 PM
Saturday, 10/24
9 AM – 2 PM
Sun, 10/25
Monday, 10/26
8:30AM – 6PM
Tuesday, 10/27
8:30AM – 8 PM
Wednesday, 10/28
8:30AM – 6 PM
Thursday, 10/29
8:30AM – 8 PM
Friday, 10/23
8:30AM – 6 PM
Saturday, 10/31
9 AM – 2 PM
Sun, 11/1
Monday, 11/2
8:30AM – 4:30PM
Election Day        

Election Day  6:00am to 8:00pm

  • Since you will be bearing your ballot, identification is required.
  • If someone else transports your ballot, they must complete the Bearer portion of the Green return envelope.

In-Person to Polling Place on Election Day

  • Ballots can be dropped off at the voter’s assigned polling location during polling hours.
  • The voter must sign the poll book prior to depositing the ballot in the sealed ballot box.
  • The voter can only return their own ballot; the voter cannot be the bearer of anyone else’s ballot.
  • The list of in-person polling places can be found HERE
Requesting a Replacement Ballot
  • If you do not receive your ballot, or it is damaged, not correctly voted or misplaced, you can request a replacement ballot by CLICKING HERE
  • If you are requesting a replacement to be sent to you by mail, the deadline for your request is October 23, 2020.
  • Requests for replacement ballots can be made in person through the close of polls on Election Day.


Tracking Your Ballot

To confirm that your ballot was received:
  • Login to the State of New Jersey’s Public Access System
    • Your Voter ID Number may be needed to log if your Driver’s License number does not work
    • Your Voter ID Number is a letter followed by 10 numeric digits and can be found:
      • On the Vote by Mail Certificate above your address
      • On your Sample Ballot
      • By calling the Board of Elections at (856) 401-8683
      • By calling the County Clerk at (856) 225-7219
  • Review BALLOT STATUS to confirm if it was received


In-Person Voting

If a voter chooses to vote in-person at the polls:

  • The polls will be open 6 AM to 8 PM
  • Voters will only be able to vote by paper Provisional Ballot at the Polls.  You will not be able to vote in a machine.
  • There will be a reduced number of Polling Places – at least one Polling Place per municipality and a minimum of 50% of its Polling Places.  For polling places CLICK HERE
  • No Sample Ballots will be sent, but a card listing your polling place will be sent prior to the election to each registered voter.
  • At each of the polling places, there will be an accessible voting machine to comply with the ADA.  To access the machine, the voter will need to certify, under the penalty of fraudulent voting, that they are unable to vote a paper ballot.

Sample Ballots

  • Sample Ballots are available HERE


Results of the Election

  • All votes (Vote by Mail, Provisional, and ADA machine) will be included in the final vote tally.
  • The Vote by Mail ballots are counted first and will be included in the Election Night Results at the close of polls.  Additional timely, valid Vote by Mail Ballots will be added to the results upon tallying.
  • The ADA Machine tallies will be added to the results later on Election Day after the close of polls.
  • Provisional ballots need to be verified to confirm that no Vote by Mail ballot was received, preventing the casting of multiple ballots, so they cannot be counted until all Vote by Mail ballots are received.  For this election, this means that the In-Person votes will be tallied last.
  • Ballots postmarked on or before Election Day will be counted if received by November 10, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

I normally vote at the polls. Why did I get a Vote by Mail Ballot?
Because of the COVID-19 pandemic and to limit exposure, the Governor ordered the General Election to be conducted primarily by mail. Per the order, all active registered voters are automatically being sent a Vote by Mail ballot.
Will my vote count if I Vote by Mail?
If received timely, all ballots will be counted and included in the final results. As in every election, the Vote by Mail ballots will be counted first during Election Day, and because the Provisional ballots require verification to prevent casting multiple ballots, they must be counted last.
If you have never applied to Vote by Mail, do I always have to vote by mail?
No, this is a one-time event. If you do want to continue to receive ballots, you will need to complete a Vote by Mail application. For more Information and to access the Vote by Mail application, please visit our website www.camdencounty.com/vbm.
I have a disability that prevents me from voting by paper ballot. What ADA accommodations will be available?
You can contact the County Clerk’s Office to arrange to receive an accessible ballot or at each of the polling places, there will be an accessible voting machine. To access the machine, the voter will need to certify, under the penalty of fraudulent voting, that they are unable to vote a paper ballot.
Will my party affiliation be identifiable on the ballot envelope?
No, there is nothing on the envelope that will identify your political party affiliation.
What is the difference between a Vote by Mail Ballots, Mail-In Ballots, and Absentee Ballots?
There is no difference. While some people claim that there is a slight difference in how ballots are requested, in New Jersey, there is not a difference in how the ballots are processed and counted.
If I put a stamp on the ballot return envelope, will it be sent first class instead of bulk mail and get there faster?
Putting a stamp on the prepaid envelope will not change anything.  First, the prepaid envelopes are first class.  Second, regardless of the stamp, the barcodes on the ballot envelope will still send it to the PO Box through the same postal stream paths.
Can I still vote at the polls?
For those that wish to vote at the polls, there will be a limited number of polling places. At the polling places, voters will be able to vote by paper Provisional Ballot (which looks identical to this enclosed ballot). The notice of the location of your polling place will be mailed to you separately prior to the election.
Should I “test the system” by voting by mail and then go to the polls?
Anyone that attempts to vote more than once will be referred to the Prosecutor’s Office. Voting more than once is a crime of the third degree and can carry a penalty of incarceration up to 5 years and a fine up to $15,000.
I don’t know any of the candidates, will my ballot count if I don’t vote for every office?
You can vote for less candidates and/or questions than available and your ballot will still be valid.
Do I have to wait until close to the election to return your ballot?
You can vote and return your ballot immediately.

Registering to Vote

Deadline to register was October 13th but you can still check your registration status.  CLICK HERE