2020 April Sustainable Champion – Joe Wallash

Playa Bowls was started by two surfers, just like Joe. What began as a pair of blenders, a patio, and a fridge in Belmar, NJ has flourished into over 65 stores, thousands of employees, and a mission to lead communities in healthy, sustainable living. 

Joe has a love for the ocean and is always mindful of the negative impacts that plastics and trash can have on our waterways.

Joe and Playa Bowls have become a resource for their communities in how to run an environmentally-business. They use eco-friendly bowls, spoons, lids, and straws in all their locations to minimize their environmental footprint.

They are working to create unique recycling and re-use solutions to increase efficiency and reduce waste.

The materials used to build their stores are sourced from 50% reclaimed or refurbished materials, and all Playa Bowls locations will have 100% LED lighting by the end of 2019.

Playa Bowls Cherry Hill strives to bring a healthy and clean dining experience to Camden County.  

We are proud to recognize Joe Wallash of Playa Bowls as our Camden County Sustainability Champion for the month April.