Shared Services

The Office of Shared Services was created in 2006 as part of a state-wide initiative to identify the most promising services to share between municipalities, between municipalities and the County and between municipalities and school districts.  Sharing services reduces costs and duplication without affecting the quality of the work and increases government efficiency.  Camden County received a state grant to help create a shared services department.  It was one of six counties to receive initial start-up funding from the state for this initiative.

Camden County’s Shared Services Director works to expand the County’s capabilities in shared services, working with local and school officials to identify, develop and implement new shared services between local units.  The Director plans countywide and regional meetings on shared services topics.  These can include programs such as energy aggregation, police and fire protection services, transportation and public works programs, stormwater compliance efforts and, shared municipal facilities, joint recycling and waste hauling contracts and animal control services, which are all intended to reduce cost to the County and its municipalities.



Chris Waldron