September 9, 2022

Camden County Mosquito Commission will be conducting ULV “spraying” operations on Friday September 9, 2022 between the hours of 2am-6am in the following locations, weather permitting:

Gloucester Twp.
Kennedy Dr.
Hyannis Ave.
Cape Cod Dr.
Barnsboro Rd.
Hampshire Ave.
Harvard Ave.

Winding Way Rd.
Buttonwood Rd.
Buttonwood Ct.
Nancy Rd.
Hillside Rd.
Longwood Ct.
Longwood Dr.
Holly Rd.
Sleepy Hollow Rd.
Longwood Ave.

Lawnside Park
Heaney Ave.
E. Charleston Ave.
Belmont Ave.
Fairview Ave.
Lapierre Ave.
Lincoln Ave.
Ashland Ave.

Warwick Rd.
E. Evesham Ave.
W. Evesham Ave.
Adams Ave. E.
Adams Ave. W.
Gloucester Ave.
Lafayette Ave.
E. Washington Ave.
W. Washington Ave.
Monroe Ave. W.
Monroe Ave. E.

Haddon Heights
4th Ave.
3rd Ave.
Haddon St.
E. High St.

N. Haviland Ave.
N. Davis Ave.
N. Barrett Ave.
Cuthbert Blvd.
S. Hood Ave.
Logan Ave.
N. Lecato Ave.
E. Nicholson Rd.

Mount Ephraim
White Ave.
James St.
Glover Ave.
Bell Rd.

New St.
Berkley St.
Trenton Ave.
Blaine St.
Washington St.
Newton Ave.
Clinton St.

Angelow Rd.
Junction Rd.
N. Grove St.
Meetinghouse Circle
Blackboard Ln.
Quiet Rd.
Harmony Circles Rd.
Peaceful Ct.
Quiltin Ln.
Scattergood Ct.
Quiet Crescent
New Hope Ln.
Fellowship Ct.
Friendship Ct.
Normans Ford Dr.
English Ivy Dr.
Serene Ln.
Hawk Hollow dr.
Box Turtle Ln.
Beaver Dam Dr.
Millards Crest Ct.
Painted Turtle Ln.
Turtle Hollow
Karr Ave.
Whelan Ave.
Binker Ave.
Daley Ave.
Reading Ave.
Penbryn Rd.
Wilby Rd.
Zoe Ln.
Loretta Blvd.
Davis Ave.
Wertz Ave.
Parker Ave.
Camden Ave.
Cleveland Ave.
New Jersey Ave.
Bullock Way
Johnson Rd.
8th Ave.
9th Ave.
10th Ave.
11th Ave.
Collings Ave.
Gloucester Ave.
Reed Ave.
McKinley Ave.
Flittertown Rd.
Wiltseys Mill Rd.
Old Forks Rd.
Shady Ln.
Braddock Ave.
Cherry Blossom Ct.
Winterberry Ln.
Robin Ln.
Bailey Ln.
Georgia Ave.

Chestnut Ave.
Toomer Ave.
Spruce Ave.
Cushman Ave.
Hazel Ave.
Larch Ave.
Myrtle Ave.
Marion Ave.
Magnolia Ave.
Cedar Ave.
Division Ave.
Jefferson Ave.
Taunton Ave.
Washington Ave.
Hamilton Ave.
Jackson Rd.
Marshal St.
Clarence Ave.
Franklin Ave.
Haddon Ave.
Grant Ave.
1st Ave.
2nd Ave.
3rd Ave.

Lynn Ct.
Regency Dr.
Concord Ln.
Montclair Dr.
Woodbrook Rd.
Whitehall Dr.
Whitehall Ct.
Jillian’s Way
Edelweiss Ln.
Edelweiss Ct.
Alpine Ct.
Providence Dr.
Bentley Ct.
Dutchtown Rd.
Briarwood Dr.
Victor Blvd.
Lippincott Ave.
Green Ridge Rd.
Saddle Ridge Rd.
Blue Ridge Rd.
Acorn Ln.
Eaton Pl.
Great Oak Rd.
Pelham Rd. S.
Pelham Rd. N.
Surrey Rd.
Long Ln.
Round Hill Rd.

Cherry Hill
E. Partridge Ln.
Brick Rd.
Staffordshire Rd.
Kingdale Ave.
Cherrywood Ct.
Inskeep Ct.
Todd Ct.
Kate Ct.
Sudely Green Ct.
Manning Ln.
Dublin Ln.
Fries Ln.
Gwen Ct.
Jodi Ct.
Cunningham Ln.
Galway Ln.
Wilderness Dr.
Howard Rd.
Ranoldo Terr.
Richard Rd.
Kingston Dr.
Kent Rd.
Overbrook Dr.
Lenape Rd.
Wayne Rd.
Bala Rd.
Ambler Rd.
Saint Davids Rd.
Saint Martins Rd.
Merion Rd.
Colwick Rd.
Colmar Rd.
Devin Rd.
Media Rd.
Haverford Rd.


Trout Ave.
Silver Lake Dr.
Ohio Ave.
Higgins Ave.
Harding Ave.
Hoffman Ave.
Barry Ave.
Worrell Ave.
Hook Ave.