September 23, 2022

Camden County Mosquito Commission will be conducting ULV “spraying” operations on Friday September 23, 2022 between the hours of 2am-6am in the following locations, weather permitting:

Summer Dr.
Ashley Ln.
Prentiss Ln.
Winfield Dr.
Whiting St.
Rawlins St.
Halleck St.
Pendelton Dr.
Washburne Ave.
Breckenridge Dr.
Willard Way
Normans Ford Dr.
English Ivy Dr.
Blackboard Ln.
Harmony Circles Rd.
Quiet Rd.
Peaceful Ct.
Serene Ln.
Hawk Hollow Dr.
Mallards Crest Ct.
Box Turtle Ln.
Beaver Dam Dr.
Fellowship Ct.
Quiet Crescent
Scattergood Ct.
Friendship Ct.
Meeting House Cir.
Painted Turtle Ln.
Vineyard Rd.
Aqua Ln.
Beach Dr.
Lake Dr.
Ebbetts Dr.
Fenway Ave.
Forbes Dr.
Baker Ave.
Crosley Dr.
Shoreline Dr.
Ebbetts Ct.
Wrigley Ct.

Gloucester Twp.
Hampshire Rd.
Willshire Rd.
Jerrys Ct.
Yorkshire Rd.
Brookshire Rd.
Ashland Ave.
Damon Dr.
Fir Ct.
Ash Ct.
Edinshire Rd.
Marino Ave.
Geneva Ave.
Almonesson Rd.
Crestview Ave.
Taranto Ave.
S. Venetia Ave.
W. Blenheim Ave.
Albert Rd.
Albert Ct.
Randy Rd.
George Ln.
Trudy Ln.
Furman Dr.
Stephan Dr.
Lillian Pl.
Beryl Ln.
Sherwood Terr.
Beryl Ct.

Haddon Twp.
Merrick Ave.
Belmont Ave.
Linwood Ave.
Stokes Ave.
Park Ave.
Conard Ave.
W. Cuthbert Blvd.

E. Evesham Rd.
Holly Oak Dr.
E. Red Oak Dr.
Fir Ln.
Pinecone Dr.
Evergreen Dr.
Cooper Rd.
Connelly Park
Ridgeview Ct.
Centennial Blvd.
Main St.

Imperia Ct.
Cooper Rd.
Gainsboro Dr.
Ravenna Dr.
Remington Dr.
Pollock Ct.
Seville Ct.
Montebello Dr.
Simsbury Dr.
Pennington Dr.
Knottingham Dr.
Fawnwood Dr.
Danforth Dr.
E. Taunton Ave.
Centurian Dr.
Peppermill Rd.
Acord Rd.
Oak Ln.
Oak Ct.
Powell Ave.
Day Ave.
Clover Ave.
Park Ave.
Hillside Ln.
Andes Trail
N. Rose Ln.
S. Rose Ln.
Fern Circle
Astor Ave.
Holly Dr.
N. Walnut Circle
Maple Dr.
Cherry Rd.
S. Walnut Circle
Pine Terr.

Cedar Creek Dr.
Bull Run Rd.
Stoney Bridge Rd.
Grant Ct.
Grant Dr.
Lincoln Dr.
E. Kennedy Dr.
Jefferson Dr.
Madison Dr.
Hamilton Dr.
W. Kennedy Dr.
Concord Pl.
Colonial Ct.
Valley Forge Pl.

Cherry Hill
Stratmore Dr.
Hilltop Dr.
Lucille Ln.
Anders Dr.
Forest Hill Dr.
Roberts Dr.
Lisa Ln.
Kings Point Rd.
W. Cliff Dr.
Hilltop Ct.
Birchwood Park Dr. N.
Birchwood Ct.
Tracey Terr.
Darien Dr.
Huntington Dr.
Brookville Dr.
Westbury Dr.
N. Green Acre Dr.
Morningside Dr.
Royce Ct.