September 14, 2022

Camden County Mosquito Commission will be conducting ULV “spraying” operations on Wednesday September 14, 2022 between the hours of 2am-6am in the following locations, weather permitting:

Haddon Heights
13th Ave.
Sylvan Dr.
Sylvan Central Dr.
Thornolden Ave.
Hillside Ave.
S. Park Ave.
Prospect Ridge Blvd.
Glover Ave.
Fulling Mill Ln.
Bellmawr Ave.

Burnt Mill Rd.
Prospect Ave.
Homer Ave.
Mansion Ave.
Alpha Ave.
Preston Ave.
Ebert Ave.
Lotus Ave.
Fairview Ave.

Cherry Hill
Sea Gull Ln.
Heartwood Dr.
Peacock Dr.
Eagle Ln.
Lark Ln.
Bobwhite Dr.
Blue Jay Ln.
Liberty Bell Dr.
Pebble Ln.
Chapel Ave. W.
Wagon Ln.
Knollwood Dr.
Orchid Ln.
Bellows Ln.
Meryl Ln.
Church Rd.
Lake Dr. W.
Tyler Ave.
Columbia Blvd.
McKinley Rd.
E. Lake Dr.
Coolidge Rd.
Washington Ave.
Hidden Ln.
Kresson Rd.
Lane of Trees
E. Riding Dr.
Spring Mill Ln.
Leith Hill Dr.
Marlkress Rd.
Mews Ln.
Laurel Hill Dr.
Indian King Dr.
Hessian Way
Box Hill Dr.
Colonial Ln.
W. Riding Rd.

Atco Ave.
Carl Hasselhan Dr.
Bartal Ct.
Waterfords Edge Ct.
Bruno Ln.
Granger Ave.
Alley Ln.
School House Ln.
Auburn Ave.
Cooper Folly Rd.
Bartram Ave.
Front St.
Hayes Mill Rd.