Weekly Reports

In order to keep Camden County residents informed on major roadwork and infrastructure projects, the Camden County Board of  Commissioners is posting the County’s Department of Public Works progress reports, with photos. Through these reports from our engineers and the construction company doing each job, residents can see the progress step-by-step.

For questions about Public Works projects, call (856) 566-2980.

Berlin-Cross Keys Road Improvement (CR 689):

Contract 1 (Completed June 2020)

Berlin-Cross Keys Road Improvement (CR 689):

Contract 2 (In-Progress)

Contract 3

Contract 4

Roadway Safety Improvements, Evesham Road (Cr 544) Guide Rail, Various Municipalities


Haddonfield-Sorrel House Road (Cr 644) – Pennsauken



East Taunton Road (CR 536)



Centre Street (CR 622) from Locust Street to Cove Road (CR 616)


Lower Landing / Good Intent Road (CR 681)

(CR 621) Roadway Improvements along Park Avenue from Union Avenue (CR 615) to Cove Rd (CR 616) in Pennsauken Township

Church Road, Cherry Hill (CR 616)


Atlantic Avenue Pedestrian Improvements, Broadway (CR 551) and South 8th Street, Camden,