The Camden County planning process concerns itself primarily with a review of factors that directly impact county facilities such as county owned roads and stormwater management systems.

Zoning and Planning Webinar for Municipal Solar Installations

Summary:  This webinar addresses best practices for including solar in land use plans and your community’s zoning ordinance. Learn how local governments can

1) Set solar development goals;
2) Ensure solar farm development creates agricultural, environmental, and water quality co-benefits;
3) Address “solar-ready” concepts in their zoning ordinances;
4) Capture benefits of solar development while minimizing risks;
5) Provide maximum siting options for rooftop and ground mount solar while preserving a community’s character and historic resources; and
6) Include solar in local planning documents.

This webinar is intended to train planning staff on best practices in planning and zoning for solar PV.




Andrew Levecchia, PP | AICP

Director of Planning

Susan Shin Angulo

Freeholder Liaison

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