Office of Mental Health & Addiction

The Camden County Office of Mental Health and Addiction receives state and county funding to ensure the availability of treatment services, particularly for the indigent. qualified treatment providers to provide programs that address problems of drug and alcohol abuse. Addiction services include: withdrawal management, inpatient and outpatient services including methadone maintenance, halfway house programs, recovery supports, sober living and substance abuse education. The Office also operates the Municipal Alliance Program and subcontracts the Intoxicated Driver Resource Center (IDRC).

Mental health services include

  • wrap-around funds,
  • emergency shelter placement
  • payee services
  • boarding home socialization.

The Office of Mental Health & Addiction also offers information and referral and convenes the Local Advisory Committee on Alcohol and Drug Abuse (LACADA), County Alliance Steering Committee (CASS), Professional Advisory Committee on Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Professional Advisory Committee (Mental Health), Mental Health Board, Disaster Response Crisis Counselors (DRCC) and Suicide Task Force.  The Office is also responsible for producing the County Comprehensive Substance Abuse Plan and the annual Municipal Alliance Plan.

To learn more about eligibility requirements for these services or general mental health or substance abuse related information and referral residents may contact (856) 374-6361.


*Comprehensive Substance Abuse Plan (2020-2023) available on request
**Municipal Alliance Plan (2016-2019) available on request
***For a copy of the most recent list of sober living facilities, contact (856) 374-6361