June 9, 2022

Camden County Mosquito Commission will be conducting ULV “spraying” operations on Thursday June 9, 2022 between the hours of 2am-6am (Rain date June 10, 2022) in the following locations, weather permitting:

Cherry Hill
Park Dr.
Grant Ave.
Edison Ave.
Wesley Ave.
Cooper Ave.
Madison Ave.
Harrison Ave.
Jefferson Ave.
Curtis Ave.
Wayne Ave.
Webster Ave.
Whitman Ave.
Conwell Ave.
Sheridan Ave.
Park Blvd.
Robin Lake Dr.
Willowdale Dr.
Dale Ct.
Willow Ct.
Crane Dr.
Heartwood Dr.
Eagle Ln.
Liberty Bell Dr.
Sea Gull Ln.
Dove Ln.
Minuteman Ln.
Heron Rd.
Eaglewood Dr.
W. Point Dr.
Cardinal Lake Dr.
Skylark Ln.
Warble Ln.
Concord Ln.
W. Point Ct.
Merchant St.
William St.
Orchard Ave.
Spruce St.
Chapel Ave. W.
Wisteria Ave.
Lawrence Ave.
Main St.
Miller Ave.
Hinchman Ave.
Greenleigh Ct.
Westminister Ave.
St. James Ave.
Plymouth Pl.
Evergreen Ave.
Essex Ave.
Lake Dr. E.
Wilson Rd.
Roosevelt Dr.
Jackson Rd.
Ivy Ln.
Liberty Ln.
Kennebec Rd.
Columbia Blvd.
Christian Ln.
Tyler Ave.
Lake Dr. W.
Silver Hill Rd.
Coolidge Rd.
Washington Ave.
Landover Ln.
Marshall Ave.
Lincoln Ave. S.

Lafayette Ave.
Luke Ave.
2nd Ave.
1st Ave.
Fern Ct.
Arbor Ct.
Lippard Ave.
6th Ave.
Juschase Ct.
9th Ave.
10th Ave.
Haddonfield Berlin Rd.
Jefferson Ave.
Arch Ave.
Abbott Ave.
3rd Ave.
Catania Ct.
4th Ave.
Woodland Ct.

Johnny Boy Ln.
Riggs Ave.
E. Taunton Rd.
Barnegat Ln.