July 8, 2022

Camden County Mosquito Commission will be conducting ULV “spraying” operations on Friday July 8, 2022 between the hours of 2am-6am (Rain date July 11, 2022) in the following locations, weather permitting:

Mount Ephraim
Lowell Ave
Baird Ave
Grant Ave
Liberty Ave
Lincoln Ave
Davis Ave
Garfield Ave
Winthrop Ave
Harding Ave
Linwood Ave
S Oak Ave
Northmont Ave
Green Ave
Gaskill Ave
Lambert Ave
Cedar Ave
Hartka Ave
Myrtle Ave
N Oak Ave

N 34th St
Rowe St
N 35th St
Fairfax Dr
N 36th St
Pleasant St
S 7th St
S 8th St
S 9th St
S 10th St
Fairview St
Sylvan St
Woodland Ave
Park Blvd
Langham Ave
Empire Ave
Magnolia Ave
Wildwood Ave
Baird Blvd
S 32nd St
S 33rd St
Berkley St
Wilmont Ave
Burwood Ave
Fremont Ave

Creek Rd
S Bell Rd
Cornelia Dr
Meyner Dr
Thomas Ave
W Browning Rd
Forrest Dr
Peach Rd

Washington Ave
Curtis Ave
Cooper Ave
Renssalaer St
Colby Ave
Central Ave
Webster Ave
Bonnie Rd
Beaver Cr
Winding Way Rd
Bynmawr Ave
Robert Rd
Knoll Rd
Knoll Ct
Parkview Rd
Sunnybrook Rd
Sunnybrook Ct
Buttonwood Rd
Cornell Ave
Columbia Ave
E Vassar Ave
N Kirkwood Ave

Jackson Ave
Madison Ave
Harrison Ave
Otter Branch Dr
Wilson Rd
Charles Rd
Lincoln Ave
Wilson Rd
Charles Rd
Brooke Ave
Grant Ave
Sherwood Ave

Atlantic Ave
W Oak Ave

Gloucester City
Hunter St
Powell St
6th St
Market St
7th St
Princeton Ave
Harvard Ave
Oxford Ave
Lehigh Ave
Yale Ave
Ridgeway St
Cumberland St
Somerset St
Monmouth St
S Sussex St
Bergen St
S Burlington St
Spruce St
Market St
Sartori Ave
Remington Ave
W Kings Hwy
8th St
Cherry St
Center St
9th St
Davison St
S Broadway

Erie Ave
2nd Ave
Haines Ave
Barrington Ave
Trenton Ave
Albany Ave
4th Ave
5th Ave
Reading Ave
Kingston Ave
Austin Ave
Cedar Ave
Cleveland Ave
Reamer Dr

Haddon Heights
Narbeth Ave
Wynnefield Ave
Wayne Ave
New Jersey Ave
High St
Westminster Ave
Chews Landings Rd
Bradshaw Ave
Crest Ave
1st Ave

Nansen Ave
Noreg Pl
Maude Ave
Christiana St
Haakon Rd

Park St
Singley Ave
Bassett Ave
Holly Ave
Sheppard Ave
N Rowans Ave
Highland Ave

Highland Ave
Walton Ave
Elm Ave
Locust Ave
E Crystal Lake
Bergen Ave
Union Ave
Park Dr
Center Ave
Market St