July 8, 2022

Camden County Mosquito Commission will be conducting ULV “spraying” operations on Friday July 8, 2022 between the hours of 2am-6am (Rain date July 11, 2022) in the following locations, weather permitting:

Sylvan St
S 7th St
S 8th St
S 9th St
S 10th St
Fairview St
Woodland Ave
Park Blvd
Langham Ave
Empire Ave
Magnolia Ave
Wildwood Ave
Baird Blvd
S 32nd St
S 33rd St
Berkley St
Wilmont Ave
Burwood Ave
Fremont Ave

Gloucester City
Princeton Ave
Harvard Ave
Oxford Ave
Lehigh Ave
Yale Ave
Ridgeway St
Cumberland St
Somerset St
Monmouth St
S Sussex St
Bergen St
S Burlington St
Spruce St
Market St
Sartori Ave
Remington Ave
W Kings Hwy
8th St
Cherry St
Center St
9th St
Davison St
S Broadway

Albany Ave
4th Ave
5th Ave
Reading Ave
Kingston Ave
Austin Ave
Cedar Ave
Cleveland Ave
Reamer Dr

Park St
Singley Ave
Bassett Ave
Holly Ave
Sheppard Ave
N Rowans Ave
Highland Ave

Highland Ave
Walton Ave
Elm Ave
Locust Ave
E Crystal Lake
Haddon Heights
Westminster Ave
Chews Landings Rd
Bradshaw Ave
Crest Ave
1st Ave
Bergen Ave
Union Ave
Park Dr
Center Ave
Market St