July 21, 2022

Camden County Mosquito Commission will be conducting ULV “spraying” operationson Thursday July 21, 2022 between the hours of 2am-6am in the following locations, weather permitting:



Cross Hill Rd.

Cross Hill Circle

Gravelly Hill Ct.

Meetinghouse Circle

Regan Ridge Rd.

Gander Ct.

Clements Hand Ct.

Elbow Ln.

Funny Bone Ct.

Clements Hand Ct.

Bent Ct.

Gatehouse Ct.

Wiltons Landing Rd.

Double Woods Rd.

Goose Neck Ln.

Gosling Ct.

Overlook Circle

Acorn Ct.

Leanne Dr.

Fawn Ln.

Woodhaven Way

Old Erial Rd.

Huntington Dr.

Michaels Ct.

Mays Landing Rd.

  1. Egg Harbor Rd.

Hay St.

Fleming Pike

Hall St.

Albertson Rd.

Spring Rd.

Braddock Ave.

Barrett Ave.

Arrowwood Ave.

Beebetown Rd.



Pennington Ave.

Bates Mill Rd.

Cozzi Ln.

Maple Ave.

Sweet Pepper Dr.

Pennington Ave.

Oak St.

Willow St.

Beechwood Dr.

Dorothy Ave.

Rosella Ave.

Thomas Ave.

Columbia Ave.

Pederson Blvd.



Williams Terr.

Williams Ave.

Burt Rd.

Ellen Ln.

  1. 3rd Ave.

Glover Dr.

Dettmar Terr.

Andrea Rd.

Singley Ave.



Brooke Ave.

Highland Ave.

Crestview Ave.

  1. Walnut Ave.



  1. Somerdale Rd.

Rex Rd.

Liberty Dr.

Poplar Terr.

  1. Somerdale  Rd.



Charman Ave.

Lapierre Ave.

Holt Ave.



Thompson Ave.

Creek Rd.

Farragut Rd.

Salem Ave.


Haddon Twp.

  1. Walnut Ave.

Chestnut Ave.

Wynnewood Ave.



  1. Park Ave.
  2. Holly Ave.

Newton Ave.

  1. Cedar Ave.



Noreg Pl.

Christiana St.

Haakon Rd.

Maude Ave.

Nansen Ave.



Concord Circle

Upland Way

Greenmount Rd.

Colonial Ridge Dr.

Wilkins Ave.

Stiles Ave.

Allen Ave.

Tanner St.

Clement St.



Princess Ave.

Walnut St.

Haddon Ave.

Kenwood Ave.

Park Blvd.

  1. 33rd St.
  2. 34th St.

Bergen Ave.

Harrison Ave.

Pierce Ave.

Erie St.

North St.

York St.

Point St.