Environmental Commission

About the Commission

The Environmental Commission of Camden County was established on April 18,1991 by resolution of the Camden County Board of Commissioners, in response to the controversy surrounding the construction of the County’s trash-to-steam plant in Camden City. A thirty member commission of private citizens from various walks of life was appointed to take a comprehensive look at the environmental issues facing Camden County and report their findings to the Commissioner Board.

As an advisory body to the Commissioner Board, the Commission is charged with informing the Commissioners on environmental issues affecting the County and its residents. This information can be the result of a direct request of the Board or by the Commission’s own initiative.

In addition, the Commission plays a role in informing and educating the citizens of Camden County about environmental issues that affect their lives. In fulfilling this role, the Commission has developed various informational materials and programs and has sponsored projects that serve to enhance the quality of Camden County’s environment.