Clean Communities

Camden County Clean Communities Program

Funded through a New Jersey Clean Communities grant, the Camden County Board of Commissioners invites non-profit organizations to contribute to the community in a meaningful way, while earning recognition and financial support.  

How It Works

Non-profits that apply for a Clean Communities Mini Grant, commit to cleaning and maintaining a designated area in Camden County for a period of one year.  Locations can include parks, sidewalks, trails, community gardens, or other public spaces.  Responsibilities include a minimum of 3 specified clean-ups per year. This program not only improves the local environment but also fosters a sense of community and civic responsibility.

Rewards and Recognition

Participating non-profits will receive recognition throughout the year for their efforts. This recognition may include signs installed at the adopted space, mentions on the Camden County website and social media platforms, and acknowledgment during community events. At the end of the year, the Camden County Board of Commissioners presents each organization that has maintained their Camden County space, with a $500 award to support the non-profit’s ongoing initiatives.

Benefits for Non-Profits

The Clean Communities Program provides several benefits for participating non-profits, including:

– Community Engagement: The program is an excellent opportunity to engage with the community, increase visibility, and foster goodwill.

– Team Building: The regular clean-up sessions can serve as team-building activities for volunteers and staff.

– Environmental Impact: Non-profits can make a tangible difference in their local environment, contributing to a cleaner and more attractive community.

– Financial Support: The $500 reward at the end of the year can be a valuable addition to the organization’s resources, helping to fund other projects or operations.

How to Participate

Non-profits interested in participating in the Clean Communities Mini Grant Program can use the link below to fill out an application and upload required documents.  Our Clean Communities Coordinator will guide participants through the process of selecting a location, outlining responsibilities, and setting expectations for the year-long commitment. 

This is a fantastic opportunity for non-profits to demonstrate their commitment to the community, build relationships with residents, and make a lasting impact on Camden County’s public spaces. Don’t miss out on this unique chance to contribute and be rewarded for your efforts!

2024 Clean Communities Mini Grant Program Application

Please email all applications and documents to Casey Baker at


Photos from our April Blackwood Clean Up:



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