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May 7: Virtual Town Hall Meeting – 5PM

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April 22: Virtual Town Hall Meeting – 4 PM


Questions / Answers from April 22, 2020 Virtual Town Hall Meeting

Mary Lou A. – Gloucester City

A: Yes, it is ok to garden in your back yard as long as you maintain social distancing.

A: Contact your local grocery store and see if they have senior hours, many are allowing seniors to shop one hour before the store opens to the public.

A: Many health plans are now offering a tele-health option. You should check with your insurance company. Many health care providers are now offering their patients the option of tele-health appointments.


Sivakumar A. – Voorhees

Q: What efforts are taken to special needs children during the pandemic situation since they’re missing their lessons,activities and therapies. I read there are several children along with their families not able to get the food/necessities needed and I believe the school might be mostly closed for this academic year. What is the plan to address this concern. Would like to hear about the same.

A: All school children, including those with special needs should have received written packets or online lesson plans for at home learning. There should be frequent contact with teachers. Therapists are providing therapy by tele-therapy. Many schools provide grab-and-go meals, or work with sending districts to coordinate where pick-up locations are. All of our in-person programs for Individuals with disABILITIES have been cancelled for the time being. However, we are pleased to offer some online classes to help you get fit while staying at home. To access these classes, simply go to and click on the class you’d like to take. We hope to add additional online classes in the near future. We will continue in-person programming again once it is recommended and safe to do so.


George B. – Sicklerville 

Q: Update on safety programs for the County’s emergency essential personnel. Also overall status of our county’s health

A: The county has been aggressive in obtaining and distributing PPE, including for our essential personnel. Social distancing requirements are in place, and where the number of employees exceeds the allowed amount, employees are working from home. An example is the Board of Social Services where more that 100 employees are conducting telephonic client interviews from their homes.


Suzette B. – Cherry Hill

Q: Have you determined where and how the Cherry Hill residents became infected by COVID 19?

A: We believe the first case got the virus through work (travels to NY weekly). As far as the high number of other residents, since there are a lot of Long Term residences there have been more cases. We believe employees at these facilities brought the virus in and residents were infected.


Joan D. – Voorhees

Q: Status of upcoming measures to ensure the ability for all NJ Voters to have vote by mail access.

A: All NJ voters have access to cast their ballots by mail, visit the County Clerks page on our website to sign up and learn more.


John M. – Camden

Q: Will the Kaighn ave (County Road) corridor between Haddon and 7th St have its road infrastructure rehabilitated this year?

A: Camden County received a NJDOT grant to determine the concept design for Kaighns Avenue between Broadway and Haddon Avenue which includes the area of 7th Street and the overpass. The study recommends significant repairs to underground utilities to resolve flooding in the area under the 676 Bridge. The Concept Design Study allows Camden County to obtain funding for repairs to the roadway, utilities sidewalks, traffic signals, handicap ramps.


Benjamin S. – Camden

Q: I am concerned about the poor air quality in the city of Camden caused by industrial polluters, particularly the Covanta trash incinerator. A recent Harvard study shows those living in areas with higher than average particulate matter levels have a 15% higher mortality rate from COVID-19. Huge asthma and respiratory health disparities in Camden make residents here disproportionately high-risk for COVID-19 as well. Two questions, #1 Is Camden County still planning on moving forward with the microgrid project involving Covanta?

A: Yes, the County, City and CCMUA are moving forward with the microgrid project. There is a phase 2 filing scheduled for May 8 the with BPU that is being finalized. Part of the project will require Covanta to do significate plant increases including a top of the line “bag house” that will greatly improve the air filtration at the plant.

Q: What if anything is the county doing to encourage Covanta to install improved bag filters to reduce its enormous emissions (number one industrial polluter in the county and one of the only incinerators in the region without upgraded bag filters).

A: It is Covanta’s intention to install a baghouse to reduce emissions as part of the overall microgrid project.


Rick S. – Cherry Hill

Q: What is the current County Plan with homeless in Camden? Is anyone donating masks to them on the street?

A: To prevent the spread of the virus we have deployed portable bathrooms and handwashing stations in the City for the unsheltered homeless. Our shelters have reduced their capacity so they can best staff their facilities and keep social distancing rules. You can visit to see what our local homeless agencies need. You can search for an organization or see our listing under “urgent” to see the current needs. Your generosity at this time is appreciated. For the homeless who are COVID-19 positive, we have established a quarantine shelter where hospitals can refer them.


Diane W. – Woodlynne

Q: COVID-19 & HHS – I am self-isolating (68 y.o.) by choice (and paranoia) – as of date of meeting, it will be Day 35. I do not have a cloth mask and whatever scarf I might use to cover my face is mostly ineffective. How to get affordable and EFFECTIVE cloth masks?

A: Instructions for making a face mask can be found at

Q: Public Works – A years’-old query: What to do about immediate neighbor’s gigantic trees that, if they fall (or branches break off), would fall onto neighbor’s house, power lines/street/vehicles or my house/property?

A: Contact the town and they will contact the homeowner.

Q: Sustainability/recycling – Recycling has been the law since 1987, yet NEVER enforced in Woodlynne. What can be done about this?

A: Woodlynne is rigorously enforcing proper recycling among participating households and in fact has had no deliveries rejected under the new recycling specs. That is a notable accomplishment. (see numbers attached)


Helen T. – Gloucester Twp

Q: When and where is the next shredding event?

A: The May 9th shredding event has been cancelled. The hours of the October 3rd event may be extended to accommodate more residents. We will also consider rescheduling the May event as we know more about when things will begin to reopen.



Virtual Economic Roundtable: April 16th – 10AM

Virtual Town Hall:  April 9, 2020. 1:30PM