COVID-19: DCF Approved Emergency Child Care Centers

List of DCF Approved Emergency Child Care Centers Effective April 1, 2020:

On Wednesday, April 1, only child care centers that exclusively serve the children of essential workers will be allowed to remain open.  Emergency child care centers that remain open must abide by new health and safety guidelines released by the Department of Children and Families. Parents who are essential workers as defined by the Executive Order No. 110 may use child care centers on the list of approved emergency centers that can be found on the links below:

To Register for Emergency Child Care:   Click Here 

For a list of Emergency Child Care Centers:     Click Here  

For the Department of Children and Families website:     Click Here   

For additional information on child care centers that are on the approved list, please contact us at

Family Child Care Providers:

Family Child Care programs are not affected by Executive Order No. 110.  To get help locating an open Family Child Care Provider, Please contact Joanne Prince at

For updated information and resources for child care providers and families, please visit