August 19, 2022

Camden County Mosquito Commission will be conducting ULV “spraying” operations on Friday August 19, 2022 between the hours of 2am-6am in the following locations, weather permitting:

W Factory rd
School house ln
E Taunton rd
Snuffing ln
Tansboro rd
Oakview dr
Carissa ln
Ciseley dr
Ellsworth dr
Baldwin dr
Basset ct
Erial rd
Glen forge dr
Gardenia ct
Pine hill
4th ave
5th ave
6th ave
7th ave
8th ave
9th ave
Kayser ave
wright ave
King George rd
Elmtowne blvd
Pine Ave
Oak Ave
Spruce ave
Birch ave
Poplar ave
Willow ct
Bennet way

Oakwood ln
tremont ave
Lincoln Ave
Raritian ave
Maple ave
Birch wood dr
Dorothy ave
Thomas ave
Columbia ave
Clifford ave
Atco ave
Elwood ave
1st st
2nd st
3rd st
Auburn st
Bartram ave
Linden ave
Lincoln ave
Dana dr
Richards ave
Richards ct
Sesame st
Richards ave

Lindenwold park
Ashton ave
Ash Bourne ave
Colonial square dr
Arlington ave
Derby ave
Bangor ave
United States ave
Egg harbor rd


Haddonfield-Berlin Rd
Salem Ave
Mercer Ave
Middlesex Ave
Essex Ave
Hudson Ave
Somerset Ave
Union Ave
Ford St

Cherry Hill
Eagle Ln
Stonebridge Rd
Old Orchard Rd
Niamoa Dr
Split Rock Dr
Mimosa Dr
Mimosa Pl
Collins Dr
Rye Rd
Croyden Dr
Guilford Rd
Bamford Rd
Stonehenge Rd
Lamp Post Ln
Gatehouse Ln
Chimney Ln
Candlewyck Way
Firethorne Rd
Roanoke Rd
Locust Grove Dr
Waverly Rd
Cobblestone Rd
Regent Rd
Meadow Ln
Wheelwright Ln
Papermill Rd
Brae Ln
Black Latch Ln
Hickory Ln
Jordan Ct
Rabbit Run Rd
Scattergood Rd
Elbow Ln
Heather Ln
Anvil Ct
Thornhill Rd
Conestoga Rd
Ramsgate Rd
Tunbridge Rd
Latches n
Cooper Run Dr
Hunters Dr
Hawthorne Dr
Fox Hollow Dr
Forage Ln
Village DR
Whitby RD
Doncaster Rd
Oakley Ct