Rosy Arroyo, Cherry Hill

Residents of Cherry Hill since 2010, Rosy Arroyo and her husband, Isaac, are the proud parents of two children.  

In 2015, Rosy became co-chair of the New Jersey Association of County Youth Service Commissions. As the Camden County Youth Service Commission administrator, she has overseen the data, program design, planning, and implementation of the Youth Service Commission, school-based initiatives, Juvenile Detention Alternatives initiative, prevention programming, Children’s Inter-Agency Coordinating Council, family engagement strategies, and youth and law enforcement engagement.

Rosy has developed efforts to reduce youth arrests; specifically focusing on reducing the amount of disproportionate minority contact with the juvenile justice system. To do this, Rosy led an effort allowing Camden County to collaborate with the Juvenile Officers Association, the prosecutor’s office, and six police districts to focus on innovative practices in diverting youth arrests by developing additional policies and practices that support youth and community engagement.

Rosy also supported the implementation of the Juvenile Justice Family Partnership Program.


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