Resources for Veterans in Light of Recent Events

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The statement below is from Commissioner Melinda Kane regarding resources available for veterans and their families in light of recent events in Afghanistan.


“In light of recent events in Afghanistan, and the upcoming anniversary of the September 11 attacks and the War on Terror, this is an especially difficult time for our veterans and their families. For those who served and their loved ones, the daily reminder of these conflicts and the tragedies accompanying them can be both mentally and emotionally distressing.


Help is always available for those who are struggling to cope in light of these or other events. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ Veterans Crisis Line – available at 1-800-273-8255 – is available every day, 24/7, to reach caring, qualified responders within the department who are ready to help. The line is open to all veterans, service members, and their family and friends. You can also reach the New Jersey Department of Military and Veterans Affairs by calling 888-865-8387.


Additionally, the Camden County Office of Veterans Affairs is committed to serving all veterans and their family members within Camden County. The Office keeps an updated list of resources and referrals on its webpage at and is always ready to provide assistance.


No matter the situation, we will always support and thank our service members and their families for the sacrifices they make in defense of our country. To all who serve or have served, Camden County thanks you.”